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Fitterer Press Conference Thread

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6 hours ago, bLACKpANTHER said:

first impression.. he doesn't look confident in his answers or body language.. i'm nervous we hired a "yes man" for Tepper and Rhule

First impression - he's not comfortable with public speaking. 

This is not a skill that's required for a GM. 

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6 hours ago, Mr. Scot said:

Alaina Getzenberg finally gets a working device

I'm just at the part where Tepper said "Unless you can fix your audio we're done".

That was a terrifying tone he took though.

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4 hours ago, Fox007 said:

Not everyone is media savvy and he seems more like the back room geek type which is fine. If you were set up in front of a room full of people and cameras and asked questions about your job in a new building in a new city you just got to I wonder how you'd look.

Basically everyone I know would look even more uncomfortable(myself included) than that and it doesn't have anything to do with their confidence or yes manness(yes i made that up). Also it's an empty room in this case which his bizarre and it's a different type of press conference. 

Wouldn't read too much into it.

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Meh these things are always dump fluff bullshit showings anyways, trying to appease the general idiotic fans who thinks this means anything getting hard on an extrovert flapping his lips making dumb people feel good

results are all that matters let’s see it

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14 hours ago, Zod said:

Nah, just not great with public speaking. That is the last thing I care about. Hurney was good at it. 

give me the guy that is good with the nuts and bolts over the guy who is good at saying hes good with nuts and bolts. 



god i hate public speaking

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