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Report: Deshaun Watson would OK trade to Carolina Panthers

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25 minutes ago, joemac said:

LOL Houston is NONE of those thing though…

Texans have 6 division titles in previous 10-seasons -- Panthers have 3.

Texans have 7 winning records in last 10-seasons -- Panthers have 3.

Panthers have 7 losing records in last 10-seasons -- Texans have 3.

Texans made 6-playoff appearances in last 10-seasons -- Panthers with 4 including one where they fluked in with a losing record.


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2 hours ago, OldhamA said:

There's 0% chance they're starting the season with AJ McCarron under C.

If I was them, McCarron would actually be my 4th option.

1 = Watson after he changes his mind

2 = Start a QB received in a Watson trade

3 = Start a QB drafted with a pick acquired in Watson trade

If I traded Watson, received no QB back in the deal, and say I had pick 8 and wasn't sold on any QB left on the board, go to option 4

4 = Start McCarron in a tank season. Trade back from 8 to gain more draft assets to combine with assets in Watson trade. Tank out the season and have the top pick in 2022 to pick Rattler, Howell, or Shough instead of settling at 8 this year. 

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1 minute ago, Agent Blue said:

It's all because Tua underperformed and now people have doubts. 

Had Tua lit it up this past year Mia wouldn't do the trade. 

I don't think Tua underperformed.  Think he looked like a rookie with a staff that didn't really know what they wanted to do.  You want to try to win as many games and let Tua have a learning season from the sideline or you want to go ahead and start grooming Tua.  They waffled in no man's land IMO. 

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