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I'm A Jets Fan Who's Hated Every QB We've Had Since Namath; Ask Me Anything

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On 4/7/2021 at 3:55 PM, The Goddamn Jets said:

Mel Kiper, 2017: "I think when you look back at John Elway, Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, we're going to view Sam Darnold in that same light."

Sounds like someone doesn't want to admit that they were, maybe, just a bit off here.

I remember not understanding Darnold's stock leading up to the draft, and Kiper saying that and just being blown away with how stupid it seemed.

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2 hours ago, CRA said:

I was just alluding to the fact that the bust number they assigned factors in a lot....and a lot of why his number was what it was....wasn't an evaluation of his actual QB play.  

QB with only 2 years total positional experience + Top 5 selection was part of their math.    So he gets a high bust rate.   On that alone.  No matter how he plays and looks.   Because I can't name a single top 5 QB drafted in recent decades that compares. 


Agreed.  But, the decision to weight his lack of experience is not accidental or without merit.  College starts do hold some weight in correlation to success in the pros.  This was a big concern with Sanchez.  His QBASE was disastrously low, and we traded up for him because we're dumb.  And, no surprise, he was awful.  Two things happen with more college starts: 1) Sample size improves for evaluation, and 2) QBs learn and gain more experience in live action against hopefully higher competition than they got in HS.

As for sample sizes, if Darnold has another year in college that looks like his junior year, not his sophomore, you think he's still a top QB?  He was smart to come out when he did - pure business decision.  I truly believe his camp is very smart, and maximizing his earnings to the best of their ability before he ultimately flames out.

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11 hours ago, Madwolf said:

I remember not understanding Darnold's stock leading up to the draft, and Kiper saying that and just being blown away with how stupid it seemed.

Let's not forget his takes on Clausen and various other prospects. It's pretty easy to pull out portions of the data and show Kiper to be stupid but I kind of doubt the actual scouting community views him as much more informed than any other media bobblehead with little to no background in actual scouting.

That said, I wouldn't hold the Kiper KOD too much against Darnold. There were quite a few sources questioning that decision. It isn't like he wasn't a polarizing prospect.

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On 4/6/2021 at 10:29 PM, The Goddamn Jets said:

Was at the 2013 Game.  Fun Stadium, Fun City.  Good people.  Went home with a loss.

Title says it all.  Happy to offer thoughts on your new QB.

I want to kiss you

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On 4/7/2021 at 8:13 AM, The Goddamn Jets said:

Depends on what you mean by fixed.

Statistically he's been the worst QB in the NFL over the past three seasons, and when controlling for throws that were not under pressure, he's second worst only to Trubisky.

So, I certainly don't believe he's fixable to the expectation of the #3 overall pick, and the hype that surrounded him.

He may be fixable to your investment, but I don't think Darnold will ever be a QB where you, as a fanbase, feel settled at the position.  There are just too many issues.  The decision making, the reading of defenses, the downfield accuracy, bailing on the pocket too soon, footwork, throwing off his back foot, etc.

Greenberg loves Jets QBs.  He loved Pennington, and he loved Sanchez.  He's more fan than analyst.  And, so he's essentially of the "It's all Gase's fault" mindset.

As for the trade down, I think this is a different argument.  I'm not sold on the Morman Backstreet Boy, so, I could have been compelled to trade down.  I get the argument that you keep Darnold for another year, and continue to build the team.  Sources said we would not have picked up his option.  But, I wouldn't have been opposed to doing both.  Trade out of 2 AND trade Darnold.  Bring in an Alex Smith type player, and address QB next year.  That having been said, I'd prefer Wilson only because I've been burned by the "wait till next year" when we drafted Adams over Watson/Mahommes, because Darnold and Rosen will be available next year.

This will always be looked at as Darnold vs. Wilson, but I don't think that's right.  The only way the Jets made a mistake is if Darnold becomes a top 10 QB, and I just don't see that.  There's a good chance Wilson sucks, but Wilson sucking is an independent scouting issue than realizing you're not winning with Darnold.

This is something that stands out to me as well. Makes me think Carolina would be better drafting a playmaker to add next to Moore, Anderson, and CMC instead of Sewell since he's not much better when not under pressure than he is against it. 

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On 4/6/2021 at 11:29 PM, The Goddamn Jets said:

Was at the 2013 Game.  Fun Stadium, Fun City.  Good people.  Went home with a loss.

Title says it all.  Happy to offer thoughts on your new QB.

It’s going to turn out by year’s end ,that many of the things you said Sam couldn’t do will turn out to be false.  

Reminder to the remaining Darnold haters.  Quarterbacks get use their weapons.  That is a thing! Ask Aaron Jones about Rodgers 

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    • They go all out on garbage QBs, not elite QBs.
    • Even if the rationale is that there has not been anybody available in the draft that "lit their fire" (realistically, given where we were drafting/our ability to move up without throwing away the rest of the team), at some point you just have to pull the trigger, anyway. In 2021, it was pretty obvious the only QBs in the draft they liked at #8 were Wilson and Lawrence.  Maybe Lance, but I did not hear anything that indicated they would have jumped on him if he had been available at #8.  OK, I get it, you run with your scouting assessment. That was probably what helped caused the Darnold trade, knowing they would not get a chance at Wilson or Lawrence.  But this same scenario can and probably will happen every year.  They can narrow down their "golden group" of QBs beyond what is likely going to be available to them and then start looking at more reclamation projects. The idea behind Bridgewater was not bad: get a stop gap who may show he is the answer, but if not, you have him for a couple of years and then move on, hopefully with "your guy."  They effed that up and are not in clusterf*#k mode.  After they purged Bridgewater, they would have been better off staying the course with a veteran who was going to turn in to a pumpkin in 2 or 3 years, and continue to look for their long-term solution in the draft. But they didn't.  They keep looking at 30% fat ground beef and thinking they can turn it into filet mignon.  Meanwhile, they may have pulled the trigger on a guy some in organization thought was a potential solution (Corral) and the coaching staff decided "redshirting" him was a good idea.  He may not have paid any dividends, but he sure the he11 wasn't going to without some effort on our part.
    • People just don't get it yet. If you've been a day one fan you've seen enough coaches and teams to know when it's not going to work. No damnit! NO! Time to rebuild already, AGAIN.
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