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Report: CB AJ Bouye close to deal with Panthers

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12 hours ago, TheSpecialJuan said:

Looks like Jackson and Bouye starting CB’s


I'm still thinking Pride has a lot of potential considering he got thrown to the wolves last season. Having a veteran probowler and a full off season can't do anything but help him get better. Plus, this move does nothing to deter my hopes of getting a CB by day 2.

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1 hour ago, saX man said:

Strongly disagree. Pride looked really solid at times and had a decent mid-season stretch. Thomas-Oliver looked quite bad and there were a few notable games where the announcers kept mixing the two up. 

Umm yeah OK.  Well at least two other CB graded worse out of the 121.


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3 hours ago, 45catfan said:

This is all about taking value in the draft.  CB was the last glaring hole heading into the draft.  I had been drafting two corners in the majority of my mocks.  Now we don't have to reach for any needs.

Exactly! Not a long term piece, but a starting vet that fills the last major hole we had on our roster....we could've done a lot worse. 

I still hope we go CB in round 2. This move also should help Pride Jr with a knowledgeable counterpart to help with his maturity.....just stay away from the PEDs.

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4 hours ago, AndrewLaskoski said:

I’ve noticed more two year deals have been handed out when we’re used to seeing one year deals.

a lot of teams are structuring 2 and 3 year deals because of the lower cap this year.  It could mean we give him a deal that makes it easy to cut him next year, or it could mean we like him that much.  We'll find out in a year.

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1 minute ago, stbugs said:

Do we know the cost? I’m a little concerned that we did a two year deal and that means guaranteed money and possibly a voidable year which you don’t need to do unless you paid a lot.

Keep watching Aaron Wilson's Twitter. He always has contract info as soon as it becomes available.

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