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Panthers trade down again again again


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Fitterer obviously thinks highly of the concept of Covid causing a lot of evaluations being improperly done. Which makes sense. A lot of guys that could’ve played but didn’t, a lot of early injuries or opt outs after partial seasons. A lot of guys that could’ve come out and been drafted on day 1 or 2 last year didn’t have fortune go their way this year. The 3-5 are the meat and potatoes of teams. These guys don’t have to be superstars, but if they are solid contributors that saves a lot of cap space towards getting more prominent play makers. 

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1 hour ago, Proudiddy said:

This is getting ridiculous.😂😂😂

See y'all in the 2022 Draft, because apparently we aren't picking in this one.😂

But, I will say, again, that last night Rhule said their guys have said a 3rd rounder this year is the equivalent to a 2nd next year, and I'm assuming they've applied that logic for each round, with the implication being this draft is deeper and has more value.

Also, they Fitt said they felt comfortable trading down bc they know there is more value grouping in the areas they're trading to versus where they were originally picking.

But this is crazy.

That comment by Rhule last night was slightly misleading.

He wasn't talking about the talent level of the 2022 NFL Draft - I guarantee they have no idea about those prospects right now.

He was talking about how future picks are deemed as less valuable in the present - hence a 3rd round pick now is worth a 2nd round pick in the future. 

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At a certain point, quantity just works against you. There are only so many roster spots and only so many starters. A lot of these picks won’t be starters because of the numbers game, so is it really better to draft the depth instead of drafting the best talent and filling out depth with vets and UDFAs? Idk. I’m not inclined to care too much about 4th-7th round trade backs, I just hated the fug out of the second round trade back. The one round it seems like it would have made the most sense is the first, and we didn’t.

Jaycee Horne better be THAT much better than Surtain and Farley.

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