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Big picture...


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5 minutes ago, Scott12345 said:


here is you some big picture...Charlotte City Council already causing problems on new stadium

they are going to muff this up & our team is going to be playing in SC

Said it more than a year ago. City Council will only be happy if the city is a series of hundreds of small parks. 

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On a positive note we might have a decent kicker, the secondary is ridiculously loaded with young talent, hell the defense is loaded with young talent, the offense does have weapons, Sam has shown glimpses of being a play maker and we are definitely improved by a huge margin since Fitty took over.  We just need OL…that is about it

With a decent OL and CMC we are 5-1 or better, no doubt in my mind.

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8 minutes ago, raleigh-panther said:


I’ve seen Bill Walsh 

ive seen Matt Rhule 

Matt Rhule  is no Bill Walsh  not even on the college level.  Not close.  


For every NFL coach that lost 2/3 of games in his first two seasons there are 1000 bad coaches and a handful, at best, Bill Walshes.

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8 minutes ago, Panthercougar68 said:

 Point of the tweet was fans are impatient. Case and point…posts above 

Understand that but the implication that Matt Rhule is in this category is very far fetched 

no offense intended to you at all .  We all hate losing. We all want a winning team  we all want to think that Rhine is something he probably isn’t  I mean temple and Baylor are not Stanford and I dont remember them beating major programs while there 

but I’m beginning to believe that the Baylor boys, Anderson and Rhule, fleeced ole Tepper out of $30million and $65 million respectively 

my biggest issue with him, you have got to haVe e a QB…it’s ok to have a mercenary while  the drafted QB learns but in today’s nfl, you have got to have a QB   He had multiple chances and in year one Bridgewater and year two Darnold   Come on

i want Darnold to do well  it benefits everyone but that boy can’t get out of his own way 

Fans know it and if Tepper wants that new stadium he best start winning 

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