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NFTs: worthwhile investment, or worthless waste of time?


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What are your thoughts on purchasing (or investing, as some would say) NFTs?

There are lot of folks who've bought into the NBA's Top Shot promotion last year, for example. More recently, there's all the scuttlebutt about Bored Apes turning into a musical act - you know, like the Archies or Gorillaz.  

So - are NFTs all that, or just another passing fad?

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Buy a bunch of MoonCats. Flip the MoonCats to fill your Zed stables. Sell the mudders.

Convert ETH to DOGE. Wait 2 days.

Tweet about it. It doesn't count if you don't tweet about it.

Convert DOGE to Dongs. Tell everybody you moved to Thailand. Hand deliver your dong to the ladies. Profit.

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