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How much is too much for a dog?


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I have been looking into purebred American Pitbull puppies for an Xmas present to my wife and kids.

I found one I really like, he's selling for $4,500. I always usually adopt but I am pretty dead set on getting a purebred from a well known bloodline / parents.

I want to wait until Xmas but he's the last one left and I don't want to wait for a new litter that won't be able to pick up until spring.

Please make me feel better about paying several thousand dollars for a damn dog 🤣

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I'm sure yall know but purebreds have a lot more health issues than mutts do. Not going to guilt you in to rescuing but why not search there 20200620_190636.thumb.jpg.7a798def169dcd5a33c7b1a9112c7be2.jpgfor a pure bred first?  My dog was like 250 bucks at the humane society and he's a fuging awesome mix.  Staffy Doberman husky

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$100 adoption fee for my pit mix 

outside of basic shots she is in perfect health.    every mix I have ever had has had great health.  

everyone else in my family has expensive pure breed dogs.  All sorts of health issues.   They spend small fortunres on the their dogs healthcare. 

but my dog is dumb as a box rocks.  I guess that is the trade off.  Their dogs have been easier to train and are better behaved. 

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The health concerns with purebreds is a good point, I've heard that before and definitely don't want to go down that road.

That being said, I've had problems with my mutts as well at some point or another - but paying the bill for a $100 mutt hurts a lot less than paying a $1,000 bill for a $5,000 dog.


Perhaps I will stop by the local shelter, I just hate going there unless I'm dead set on leaving with a dog. If I go there and don't see exactly what I'm looking for I'm gonna feel like an asshole.

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7 minutes ago, Happy Panther said:

This is debatable. 

It depends on a breeder.  The female should only produce pups once a year tops.  The pup we got, the breeder only breeds her every two years.  We got lucky as family who was in line for 3 years, bailed in last minute when pup was delivered to them in Wisconsin.

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