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Step Away From the Ledge


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Troll post or not, I don't think some of us need to take a step back.  I mean, this is a great place to vent about how crappy our team is.  But some of the heated stuff just shows that some of us are taking the team a little too seriously.

Look, it's just a game at the end of the day.  We love to celebrate when we win and gripe when we lose, but at the end of the day it's just entertainment.  I'm tuning out a bit.  Sure, I'll gladly keep up, but the games are really turning me off.  So I'm just going to work on enjoying life more than obsessing over a team that's going to need A BIG OLE REBUILD this off season.

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People overreacted to Cam’s return now they overreacting to a bad game which if you didn’t notice a bunch of QB played terrible yesterday. We still don’t know what we have with Cam, that’s why I’m holding my tongue for a few weeks.


As for Rhule I predicted around 8-9 or 9-8 this season, I still think we reach that record. Many analyst had us on the same projection


He won’t get fired if we improve on last seasons team it’s just that simple.



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3 hours ago, raleigh-panther said:

There is no such thing as 7 years for any HC in the NFL not named Bellinchek 

if Tepper believes that, with a coach who has yet to draft a LT or QB, there won’t be one seat occupIed  in that stadium by any Panthers fans.  

Nor is he going to get a dime for his new stadium dreams   

He best hope his competence at hiring a soccer coach is better than hiring a NFL coach  

this is football team is unwatchable 

Who da faq is Bellinchek? Can he play OT?

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