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5 hours ago, Khyber53 said:

From the account I've read, Gretzky was one of a bunch of rich kids at the school that treated others badly and waved their parents' money around.

I don't like violence, but I might have let Corral get a couple of shots in on Tristan Gretzky before breaking it up.  

And the school? None other than Oaks Christian in Westlake Village, CA. Home of Jimmy Clausen. Take that FWIW.

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34 minutes ago, Wes21 said:

I was in alot of fights when I was young.  But I remember being in 2 altercations that were in opposite ends of the spectrum.  I remember being in a fight with a kid who was clearly overmatched.  My heart didn't allow me to whip him, because he had no clue what he had stepped into.  I threw some punches and pushed him around, but my heart wasn't into it.  He had no chance.  It didn't seem right.

Fast forward years later.  I lost my temper and all rational thought left my head.  I pushed and squared up on a particular guy, and he just laughed and let me calm down.  In the moment it made perfect sense to challenge this guy.  Afterwards I calmed down and realized I had written a death sentence, but he was kind enough to just laugh it off and move on.  I am thankful to him for that.  

I can't bring myself to knock a dude for fights in high school, I can't say I started any but I was an arrogant three sport athlete I did have a occasion were a guy lost a pick up game of basketball and the kid hid behind the door in the locker room and tried to punch me in the back of the head glancing blow and he was maybe 130 pounds I literally laughed it off. 


I'd want to kick the high school version of myself though.



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Posted (edited)
8 hours ago, Luciu5 said:

It's $30,000/year to attend. They're ALL rich kids.

No they’re not…

…schools like that (see The Providence Day School - Charlotte Latin School - Country Day School) routinely admit top athletes on scholarship…

…I’d be surprised if Corral wasn’t in that group - there on an athletic scholarship 🤘.

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Wait wait.  Hold on.  Young adults are sometimes terrible at regulating their emotions and occasionally fight?  poo.  This is newsworthy.

Who cares.  Like at all.  I figure he has to punch at least two teammates before we get really up in arms.  Because. You know. Precedent. 

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