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    • I mean, 40 year olds that grew up on other teams.....simply aren't the same as people that were passed down a team for generations in their family.  When I was kid, my favorite player was Darrell Greene.  Because my team was the Skins.  If the Panthers suck, I can just watch the NFL at large.  It is what it is.  I adopted the Panthers because they were the local team.  The Panthers and the Browns simply aren't going to have the same fanbases right now.  Shouldn't be expected.  And most of the real purchasing power is with people who didn't grow up with the Panthers.  The money isn't with a 19 year olds.  and if the Hurricanes were less successful, people wouldn't be hyping the Raleigh fanbase as much.  But I can concede that is slightly different, as hockey isn't big in the south so most in the area haven't switched over from other teams.  It's their introduction to the sport.  Which makes hockey a little unique as sport.  If you have Raleigh a random MLB team that sucked......I don't that folks could get away with claiming Raliegh fans are "built different" than Charlotte folks. 
    • They won 15 games that season. Fans were going crazy as the year progressed. Cam just fed the crowds like he always did. I went to every playoff game that year and you are absolutely wrong. Win and fans come out of the woodwork to get wild. Crap take. 6years of losing and a 7th loaded up is the fan problem in that stadium. Pre-Cam was the wine and cheese crowd but they hated the winning crowd. Too loud and they stand too much. Winning changed those dynamics as quickly as losing did afterwards. 
    • https://apnews.com/article/chiefs-royals-kansas-city-stadiums-e9605296b85e91699441e4ba10e83212
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