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All We Had To Do...


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3 hours ago, chknwing said:

...was embrace the suck.  Imagine if Wilks didnt really try and we finished that year as the worst team.  We would still have all the draft capital and DJ Moore to build around Bryce or whom ever.  I think Reich and company would have felt better because they could in theory, pick another qb if Bryce wasnt the chosen one, the next year.  Wilks is a great coach and he was coaching for a job Tepper was never going to give him, which is sad.  Tepper fugged us like the great glass elevator from Willy Wonka, sideways, backways, frontways and any other ways you can think of.  It just amazes me how bad we screwed up a tank in a year we desperately need to tank.


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4 hours ago, Castavar said:

Not even last year. We should have embraced the suck AS SOON as Cam left. All those years fuggin around with the likes of Teddy, Darnold, and Baker could have went toward rebuilding this godamn thing. We could have already been rebuilt and in a position to compete for superbowls had we done just that. Tepper did the perfect speedrun on how to derail a franchise.

Im still pissed that during coofus 2019, first year Rhule and his first year staff didnt punt that year. No crowds, it was the perfect time to "reset/rebuild". You would have gotten the cap under control too along with adding draft picks to future years. It was soooooooooooo dumb to try and win that year. I know it would have been hard for some, but long term it would set them up for winning consistently.

Ever year with maxing out the cap on bad players/pushing future payments with the hope that "ooo this is the year", just piss poor management.  Sad part is they didnt even reach the 5 win goal of the recent "rebuild/this is the YEAR!!" seasons. 

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Wilks is a great coach? Lol yeah if you like a 1986 offense and a .500 record. (That’s not counting his dismal record in AZ.

I’ll give the Wilks fans credit. Their longing for a .500 record is better than the Bryce fans beating the drum for a 2-15 QB.

This message board must be loaded with people that were content with a C- average and a high school diploma ceiling.

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18 hours ago, mav1234 said:

Meh, embracing the suck didn't matter at all... We had a generational qb right in front of us after the trade.

Oh well.


I was one of many who have wanted us to tank and suck previous seasons, but even after not doing that, we still had our opportunity to get a franchise, elite QB. The team just missed on the pick. CJ was right there for the taking, and we didn’t take him. 

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You can't possibly look at our roster and think "Yeah we were only Stroud (or a QB) away".

Don't get me wrong, Young is horrifically bad, but the roster is talent depleted and the stars we've traded away (Moore / CMC) that would help now were drafted by a different GM. 

Tepper will fug it up, but we needed a complete reset in the Front Office. Otherwise Stroud (or whoever) is just patching a hole on a sinking ship. 

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    • reading comprehension is hard. you even highlighted it, and still didn’t get it.
    • Yes because nothing happens in the offseason. What a masterful take. Thankfully all the football stuff happens from September to February. Wait didn't they just have something recently? Even an Injury and some contract drama? Nope, couldn't be. There is nothing happening at this time of year according to you.
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