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This is a tough situation. My female cousin was a nurse for a quadriplegic boy who was about 16 at the time when she was in college. But apparently he wasn't a quintiplegic ifyoucatchmydrift. And I guess the physical contact from her was too much for a 16-year-old virgin to bear. It was obviously just a natural reaction for a pubescent male, but he also couldn't do anything about it. My cousin used to feel bad for him, and even on occasion thought about "helping him out."


My cousin and I have been talking about this, and we considering the idea of either creating a sort of "medical masturbator" or hypothetically, specially trained nurses who do this kind of thing for people in these situations. Purely for medical reasons; prescription manual gratifiers. No house calls for a headache. If you can smoke weed for glaucoma, why can't you hire a hooker for paralysis? Because honestly, imagine if you had no working arms and working junk. It's a fate worse than death.


They have them in Japan!




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