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3 Weeks Ago Today....


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I was piss drunk at this time after finding out I had major liver and pancrais damage a few days earlier. I did not care if I died I accutlay was hoping I would because I have been an addict for 15 years using something daily from heroin, coke, pills and a 5th of liquor a day. I was tired of the pain I felt on the inside but tried to mask it. I was on the verge of my body shutting down and having full blown cirrhosis which would have been irreversable. I knew rehab would not work because I have been in and out of it for 12 years. I have tried quiting but starting going through DTs. Figured I would just get off this earth and let my wife and kids collect their life insurance policy. I went on a bender and drove myself to a detox facility. Two hours after my last drink/pills my bac was taken at the detox facility and it was .028 which means I was above the lethal limit when I stopped drinking.

I had a sezuire fro the DTs on Thursday aftr checking in. I got in fights and had a taser pulled on me by security on Friday. I almost walked out a few times to go on another bender but a nurse convinced me to stay reminding me I was literaly going to die if I went out on another bender. I still didnt care but I called my kids and decided to stay one more night.

The next day (pretty much 2 weeks) I shoke all day, threw up etc. But I stayed for 5 days till it was safe for me to leave from the withdrawls.

Fast forward to today , if I even see a beer truck, sign etc. I get the shakes and feel sick but my head is clearer then ever. Yes I want to drink or and use every day still but I now can spend time with my family and remember it. I havent passed out at work lately and my boss let me keep my job. I feel more and more at peace every day and am trying to be a better man, father, husband and friend. I have always sucked at all of those things.

Just wanted tok let everyone knoe life is good for me now as long as I dont slip up.

Now flame away and gif bomb this bitch.....

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