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NFL Free Agency Update Thread

Mr. Scot

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If the Eagles do want Mariotta, which team in the Top 6 would honestly want Brafford? Jets? Yikes. Titans? No. Weird trade the more I think about it. His ACLs can't run Chip's offense though, so this has to be a move setting up another move. 


No one, but honestly, that 2nd round pick they acquired is probably more valuable in a trade than Foles was.  Bradford is only signed through this season.


After thinking about it, IMO this trade means that it's MORE likely that Chip plans on going all in on an effort to get Mariota.

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Free-agent WR Torrey Smith has reached agreement on a five-year contract with the San Francisco 49ers


Torrey Smith's SF contract: 5 year deal for $40 million, including $22 million guaranteed.

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