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"Amazon Prime Day" will have better deals then Black Friday - July 15th


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Want free All Pro Access???

Do you like saving money on large purchases???

On July 15th, starting at Midnight in celebration of its 20th birthday, Amazon is having a massive sale that is supposed to be bigger than Black Friday.  You have to be a Prime Member to access the deals, which you can sign up for a free trial.  


But don't just save money, you can also do it in a way that helps out the Huddle!  The link below gives you instructions on how to link your purchases to the huddle.  You dont have to do anything extra when you shop, and a percentage of the sale goes to the huddle.  


Save money.  Support your Huddle.

Win Win

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Proud Prime member ftw. The free shipping and instant video is worth it alone. Currently binging 24 from season 1. Free.

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Its a good idea. Training camp is just around the corner and I promise you that you will want to be in the All-Pro program for it. I am basically going to be living at camp this year. 

Fellow Huddler 89_Bottomline recently bought a pair of shoes on Amazon and had enough credit for over a month's worth of All-Pro added to his account. It would be pretty easy to pay for the whole season if you are an Amazon shopper

(89_Bottomline was ok with me disclosing his purchase)

So do your amazon shopping, but be sure to first either use the huddle amazon link or the amazon search box on the top right of the forum. This is the only way you will get huddle credit. Once you land on Amazon from the Huddle link you can bookmark that page and use it and we still get credit. Pretty cut and dry. 


 Costs you absolutely nothing, but the Huddle keeps on a truckin, and content and access increases. No brainer really. 


Also, as Hotsauce mentioned the info you need is right here....



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