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Top Panthers PFF Performers- Preseason Week 1

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The Carolina Panthers preseason week 1 PFF grades are out.

ProFootballFocus.com offers performance ratings on individual players throughout the year. Some value their grades more than others. For what it is worth, here is how they saw the Panthers player performances... 

Here is a look at the top 10 on offense 

Offensive summary

 Play CountsRatings 
Pos.#NameTotalRunPassRun BlockPass BlockOverallPassRushPass BlockScreen BlockRun BlockPenalty# of PenQB SkQB HtQB Hu
 RT60 Daryl Williams310012192.4   
 RG77O Martin Wallace270010171.4   
 LWR13 Kelvin Benjamin *16011501.   
 QB1 Cam Newton *16011501.   
 C64 Brian Folkerts20007131.0  -  1
 RWR19 Ted Ginn705200.   
 RG79 Chris Scott280012160.8  -  1
 RT75 Tony Hills19005140.6  0.90.0-0.40.10-0   
 RT74 Mike Remmers *19005140.6  1
 RWR17 Devin Funchess18013500.   

And here is the top 10 on defense 

Defensive summary

 Play CountsRatings 
Pos.#NameTotalRunRushCov.OverallRun DefensePass RushPass Cov.Penalty# of PenQB SkQB HtQB HuBPTksAssMTStops
 SS29 Dean Marlowe30161131.30.7-    2  1
 SS41 Roman Harper *20100100.    1  1
 DLT62 Terry Redden31151600.  2 2  1
 RCB31 Charles Tillman *20100100.    3  1
 MLB53 Ben Jacobs1513110.  1 3  1
 DRE77 Rakim Cox24111030.6- 1  2
 FS38 Robert Lester34180160.    2  1
 SLB93 Jason Trusnik3116780.40.3-  1 11 1
 FS36 Marcus Ball21100110.        
 FS33 Tre Boston25131110.20.1-        

 It looks like PFF has two rookies, Williams and Marlowe, leading the pack. Not a bad start for the class of 2015. 

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This has real value. 

It might not grade "your" player well, but on average, it's a set of skilled eyes grading things like blocking in a way no one here can.  It doesn't mean, in 20 plays, for instance that a career is over.  Game 1 of preseason isn't the end-all, be-all determinant (I saw a "cut Ealy" in the other thread and an all but "it's OK that Lee Ward had a -1" - turns out falling off your man in the hole isn't universally accepted) of a player's career.   Right now, positive is a nice thing to have, but a few negatives aren't catastrophic.


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Trusnik makes the list but Glanton doesn't. Classic PFF.

Rivera himself said he was dissapointed and disgusted by the defense. Glanton was a big part of that in terms of snapcount and many here said he didnt look great. Why is that "LULZ"? It fits with the coaches reaction and what happened on the field.

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