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Official Panthers - Falcons Gameday Thread

Jeremy Igo

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3 minutes ago, Daddy_Uncle said:

Really? We have had one bad half. We have been playing great football the past several weeks. Overreactions are so annoying 

Allowing an average Giants and Saints teams to score over 30 is not great football. I certainly hope I'm wrong, but if these clowns go one and done in the post seasons I will be here to say I told you we weren't playing great when it is needed most. 

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1 minute ago, KillerKat said:

The penalty would still not be as much as Cam took on the sack.

Intentional grounding is a spot foul and loss of down.

You fuggers forget EVERY DAMN TIME in your whining how many sacks Cam gets away from with his strength in the pocket.

But yeah, God forbid Cam not perform to y'alls exacting expectations 100% of the time.

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    • If he isn’t Revis in his first game, we blew it!
    • Its easy for them to make assumptions off of a few highlights. They didn't watch the actual game. Matt Nagy never put Justin Fields in position to be successful in this game. I just listened to The QB School while driving and JT said the same thing. Justin Fields left 3 completions out there on the Field outside of the pass interference. If you give him three more completions it still changes nothing in the game. They basically said we aren't going to motion, we aren't going to protect the kid at QB and we are going to run a bunch of stop routes. Mobile QBs should have plays called where the WR keeps moving. They should have called designed runs. They damn sure should have had more than 5 people blocking but on 13 of his 20 pass attempts there was no blocking TE and no running back to help chip or block. They let the line get torn up and made no changes. There is 0 reason why anyone would think Jason Peters at 39 is blocking Myles G. After sack 2 he should be getting doubled. Or sack 3? Maybe 4? Dude got to 4.5 sacks without getting double teamed once.  It was an embarrassment and they don't even do stuff like this with Andy Dalton. Dalton regularly gets a 6th blocker. It felt like Nagy just assumed that Fields speed was going to get him away from every defender. There are 0 QBs in the NFL right now that would have had success with the offensive gameplay and adjustments that were made yesterday. This is worse than the stuff that Gase would do. Nagy should be fired. Look at Darnold perform with decent coaches and good talent around him. 
    • MJ is also an option. After a couple weeks and a mini bye he should be up to speed and he’s been a vet of sorts 
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