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Official Panthers at Saints Wildcard Gameday Thread.

Jeremy Igo

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At the very least , the Panthers players should be motivated to have a much better performance than last week . I'm sure they've been noticing the media dismissing their chances at winning as well. 

I think the offense is going to rebound. I'm actually more concerned about the defense thats been getting exposed week in and week out. If we can't stop the run we have no chance to win. 

I'll be looking particularly at the defenses ability to stop the run and if they force some turnovers. 

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what impressed me about the Falcons defense the last 2 weeks is that their secondary members are basically glued to WRs from Rams/Panthers . Its like the exact opposite of our DBs playing with 5 , 10 yard cushions and always taking terrible angles to tackle. You dont have to worry about giving up huge plays if you are being physical with the WRs and not allowing them any space from the snap

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    • I get that we had a close game with the Jets, but it was also week one and it was Sam's first full game. If we had them this week, we would probably win 40-0. There was A LOT of points left on the field against the Jets. Everyone picked the Saints to beat us until they didn't. Then the excuses started. The team that beat GB 38-3 was not drastically different than the team that was fielded against us. Definitely not 128 yards total bad. I'm not saying it had no affect on the Saints....but come on. It's not like the Saints got Thanos snapped in the middle of the game. They all knew this before entering the game. They praised Payton for his, "Next man up!" success....that never showed up Sunday. The question of this game is: Who is Davis Mills? We don't really know. I would assume Taylor would be more of a threat. Can Mills and the coaches play around our pass rush? If our pass coverage is as tight as it was against the Saints, can Mills put it where only his guy has a shot, and do that with this pass rush breathing down his neck? My guess is a giant no.   I'd have to agree though. At this point, I don't see a point in signing another QB to come in and lead the team to mediocrity. Let the rookie play and see what he has. Trade Watson and throw down on a rebuild. Their division isn't all that great, so I could see reason to believe that they could possibly win that if Taylor stayed healthy. But I don't see them beating Browns, Bills, Chiefs, or Ravens in the playoffs right now.  This game should be a win. (unless Mills turns out to be significantly better than Taylor) However, if we lose, I will lose a lot of expectation going forward. 
    • "Power bottom 3" I'm pretty sure saying this in front of kids is at least a class 3 misdemeanor, if not a felony.
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