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2 hours ago, blueandblackattack said:

Great work as usual.

Do you think Tepper will get hung up by the fact that Ossenfort has two Masters degrees (Sports Managemen, Business Administration), while Peters has none according to his bio?

Not really. The vast majority of NFL GMs don't have Masters degrees. Same is true for a fair number of owners, honestly.

What matters most is their success on the football field.

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One final, I think noteworthy point...

All of our GM candidates have been part of Super Bowl winning seasons (Peters and Ossenfort have more than one).

Edited by Mr. Scot
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4 hours ago, Doc Holiday said:

@Mr. Scot I've said this once before and I will say it again. Your insightful posts are the main reason I come back to this forum and are the only person on any football forum I’d actually want working in my teams front office. High quality stuff as always sir! Thank you so much for your time a d effort you put into these.

Boy you're really kissing big juicy ass here my man 

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6 hours ago, TheSpecialJuan said:

Boy you're really kissing big juicy ass here my man 

Post better content and I will kiss your ass too. Dude posted a exposé worthy of a professional sports news magazine or website. For free on this forum. 

you just need to appreciate it when people give you prime cut steak which is cooked perfectly for dinner when you’re expecting McDonald’s.

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Peters was my 1st choice, but honestly it looked like four really solid candidates.

And at the end of the day, you have to understand that a top flight GM prospect with other options where he will likely be offered full traditional GM power likely isn't going to choose to be a part of the model we seem to be developing. This is the Rhule show in Carolina and this "GM" is just a cog in the wheel.

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I’m really intrigued by Poles. K-C also have a history of investing in their O-line.

Ossenfort also comes from an organization investing in, and finding, a lot of O-line in rounds 2-4.

Fitterer comes from an organization known for ignoring their o-line.

I might be thinking of this wrong, but O-line history is extremely important in my view.

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And one other item of note...

Fitterer has been a college scouting guy for most of his career. You're going to want to pair him with a strong pro personnel guy to help balance things out.

Our current Director of Pro Personnel is Matt Allen...

... Jerry Richardson's grandson.

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