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The Final Four

Mr. Scot

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Current Job: Vice President of Player Personnel, San Francisco 49ers (2017-Present)
NFL Experience: 19 seasons
Age: 41 (5/24/1979)
Hometown: Cupertino, CA
College: UCLA


· Director of College Scouting, Denver Broncos (2016)
· Assistant Director of College Scouting, Denver Broncos (2014-2015)
· National Scout, Denver Broncos (2011-2013)
· Regional Scout, Denver Broncos (2009-2010)
· Area Scout, New England Patriots (2006-2008)
· Pro Scout, New England Patriots (2005)
· Scouting Assistant, New England Patriots (2003-2004)


During the final year of his college career (1999 to 2001), Peters worked under Panthers head coach Matt Rhule (his defensive line coach) and defensive coordinator Phil Snow (then the Bruins DC). In addition, Peters had a hand in both of the Panthers Super Bowl defeats, working with the Patriots in the Super Bowl 38 season (albeit in a minor role) and the Broncos for Super Bowl 50 (where Peters had a more significant influence). He was also college teammates with former Panthers runningback Deshaun Foster.


· After finishing his playing years, Peters worked as a graduate assistant for UCLA football. In that role, he met then Patriots executives Scott Pioli and (now Tampa GM) Jason Licht who helped him start his career in pro personnel.

· Peters is credited with helping the Broncos acquire 27 players via free agency and the draft who were part of the roster that won Super Bowl 50.

· All told, Peters has been a part of six Super Bowl campaigns, three of which resulted in victories (including two over the Panthers).

· Panthers owner David Tepper likes guys with New England Patriot connections. The first six years of Peters' career were spent with the Patriots.

· A native of the Bay Area, Peters grew up as a fan of the 49ers and says working for them is a "dream job".

· No surprise given that Rhule coached him in college, but Peters is actually a few years younger than the Panthers head coach.

· Peters, fellow GM candidate Scott Fitterer and Matt Rhule all share an agent.

· A young Peters once met childhood idol Joe Montana, but froze up when trying to ask for an autograph.

· Peters is married and has one child, a daughter.



I think if one coach says, "oh, I didn’t like him, he wasn’t working hard", if you just take that for what it’s worth and leave, you’re not doing your job. Find other sources, find other people, figure out what happened (and) why? Sometimes it’s for a reason.
- Peters, discussing the scouting of a prospect

Adam has been incredibly invaluable to me and our organization. He’s a hard worker, a very talented evaluator.  He had been in the college world, so taking VP of player personnel and overseeing it all (both pro and college scouting) was a step up for him. But he was excellent last year making us better.
- 49ers GM John Lynch, discussing Peters at the NFL Scouting Combine

When it comes to stars in this industry, Adam Peters is certainly one of them. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from two incredibly successful organizations, and is one of the most respected talent evaluators in the National Football League.
- Lynch, in the press release announcing Peters hire in 2017

I saw how he thinks, how he works, what he sees in players, and what he works for. He’s the best in the business, and maybe the best in history, so I picked up whatever I could. You learn through osmosis. You learn what you look for in positions, what you look for in people, and you carry that on through the rest of your career.
- Peters on former boss Bill Belichick

 Sometimes, when you do hard work, luck happens.
- Peters


Team Bio - 49ers Official Webpage

Fast-rising Adam Peters, a key John Lynch lieutenant, is right in his element with the 49ers

Why Adam Peters is a big hire for the 49ers

49ers GM Lynch confirms Peters watched BYU QB in person


1-on-1: Adam Peters Previews Draft Day

49ers Live Look In: Adam Peters Evaluates 49ers Rookies




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Current Job: Director of Player Personnel, Tennessee Titans (2020-Present)
NFL Experience: 19 seasons
Age: 42 (2/24/1978)
Hometown: Luverne, MN
College: University of Minnesota-Morris


· Director of College Scouting, New England Patriots (2013-2019)
· Assistant Director of College Scouting, New England Patriots (2009-2012)
· National Scout, New England Patriots (2006-2008)
· College Scout, Houston Texans (2005)
· Pro and College Scouting Assistant, Houston Texans (2004)
· Personnel Assistant, New England Patriots (2003)
· Pro Personnel Intern, Houston Texans (2002)
· Training Camp Intern, Minnesota Vikings (2001)


Panthers Director of Player Personnel Pat Stewart and Ossenfort were colleagues for ten years (2007-2017) with the Patriots organization. Former Panthers Scout and current Titans Executive Ryan Cowden is also an acquaintance. Additionally, during his time with the Houston Texans, original Panthers head coach Dom Capers was the Texans coach.  


· Ossenfort shares a few things in common with fellow candidate Adam Peters. One of those things is the Patriots background that David Tepper always appreciates, but a lot more of it. Ossenfort spent a total of 15 seasons with the organization, gaining three Super Bowl rings in the process.

· He and fellow GM candidate Adam Peters were actually colleagues in New England for three seasons (2006-2008). Also, like Peters, Ossenfort was a low level employee of the Patriots when they defeated the Panthers in Super Bowl 38.

· The Patriot connections helped Ossenfort get his current job. He and Titans GM Jon Robinson were colleagues in New England for eight years. Robinson took several old colleagues to Tennessee with him after becoming the GM, including current head coach Mike Vrabel.

· Ossenfort also spent a few seasons in the Texans organization now run by former Patriots colleague Nick Caserio. Oddly enough, also like Caserio, Ossenfort was blocked on more than one occasion from interviewing for the Texans GM position.

· This isn't his first shot at interviewing for a GM job though after being blocked on prior attempts. Ossenfort only wound up being able to leave the Patriots because his contract expired.

· Ossenfort actually succeeded former Falcons GM Thomas Dimitroff as Director of College Scouting in New England when Dimitroff left to become GM of the Falcons.

· In addition to his undergraduate degree in Economics and Management, Ossenfort has an MBA and a Masters in Sports Management, both from Ohio University.

· Ossenfort is married and has three daughters.



We turned the ball over twice, gave them a defensive touchdown; everything had gone wrong to that point. We kept chipping away until we had a chance to get back in there. Those two-point conversions in the fourth quarter were huge. The team kept playing and it came out the right way for us.
- Ossenfort, speaking about the Patriots overcoming a 28-3 deficit to defeat the Falcons in Super Bowl 51

We kept getting knocked down, but we kept coming back, answered the bell, and gave everything we could out there. We had a bit of an overachiever mentality where we went to work every day and put our best foot forward.
- Ossenfort about his time playing quarterback on the largely unsuccessful Minnesota-Morris football team

Monti had a great work ethic and great attitude and could learn something from anybody. He works hard, he's intelligent, and he can soak everything in. It is great that he has been able to take advantage of his opportunity.
- Minnesota-Morris Head Men's Soccer Coach Scott Turnbull, a former football teammate of Ossenfort

This job is something I love doing and there's no greater feeling, professionally, doing what we just did. I do spend a lot of time away from family, though. A lot gets put on my wife's shoulders. We have two daughters and are expecting a third in April. She's done a great job.
- Ossenfort on his wife and kids


Team Bio - Titans Official Webpage

From Small Town to Big Time: Morris Alum Ossenfort collecting rings with the Patriots

How Monti Ossenfort’s departure will affect the Patriots organization

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Current Job: Assistant Director of Player Personnel, Kansas City Chiefs (2018-Present)
NFL Experience: 13 seasons
Age: 35 (9/20/1985)
Hometown: Canandaigua, NY
College: Boston College


· Director of College Scouting, Kansas City Chiefs (2017)
· College Scouting Coordinator, Kansas City Chiefs (2013-2016)
· College Scouting Administrator, Kansas City Chiefs (2010-2012)
· Player Personnel Assistant, Kansas City Chiefs (2009)


Poles went to the same college as Panthers legend Luke Kuechly. He graduated just two years before Kuechly started (2007) and was serving as a recruiting assistant when Luke committed. While at BC, he protected Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan. He'd now be tasked with sending people to tackle Ryan if he becomes Panthers GM.


· Poles is the youngest of the GM candidates at 35, a full ten years younger than Panthers coach Matt Rhule. He's also the only candidate whose experience is all with a single team.

· One Chiefs reporter described the team roster as having "Poles' fingerprints all over it". Continuing the hand metaphor, Poles has been credited as being GM Brett Veach's "right hand man" during the latest draft. MMQB's Albert Breer calls him "a rising star".

· Poles is actually one of two people to carry the title of Assistant Director of Player Personnel (the other being Mike Bradway). It's similar to the setup Seattle previously had splitting one job between Trent Kirchner and fellow GM candidate Scott Fitterer.

· The Chiefs have changed a lot since Poles started there. In fact, Brett Veach is the third GM Poles has served under (the other two being Scott Pioli and John Dorsey). It's certainly not easy to keep a job with that much turnover around you, but Poles has proven valuable and capable enough to each of his three bosses to keep around.

· The majority of Poles' career with the Chiefs has focused on college scouting, but in the role he's held for the past three years he's handled the pro side of things as well (and is generally considered to have done well).

· In high school, Poles played both offensive and defensive line as well as playing basketball.

· Poles is married and has two children (a son and a daughter).



That’s critical. We see these guys on TV as athletes every week, but they’re around each other all the time, too. So the locker room has to be good. If you don’t have a strong locker room, if you don’t keep everyone on the same page and if you don’t have leaders to keep the focus forward, you’ll lose it.
- Poles, in an interview before the Super Bowl

The whole place is buzzing. We’re happy to be where we are but we’re not satisfied. You could see the switch after the celebration last week. It’s back to business.
- Poles on the team's attitude leading up to the big game

Pat, yeah. He’s another person. It’s easy to see the talent, but the humility, the competitiveness and the toughness; it’s rare to see all of that in one person but we’re blessed to have him on the team.
- Poles on quarterback Patrick Mahomes

The Chiefs named Ryan Poles their Director of College Scouting. Good name to file away — one of the smartest young personnel minds around.
- ESPN NFL reporter Field Yates


Former Canandaigua star Ryan Poles hopes to win Super Bowl on Kansas City Chiefs staff

Chiefs name Ryan Poles Director of College Scouting

Player Bio, Boston College



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25 minutes ago, Moo Daeng said:

We have this thread already.

Scots got a quota to fill!! Besides in just the first two post, its better than any Observer piece. 

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Figured I'd only be writing three of these today.

If the Panthers want to go ahead and announce the hire and save me some work... that'd be just greeeat.



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43 minutes ago, Mr. Scot said:

Figured I'd only be writing three of these today.

If the Panthers want to go ahead and announce the hire and save me some work...that's be just greeeat.



Lumberg hired him. 

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