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ohhhhhhh boy. sounds like watson is getting traded. per jim trotter


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12 minutes ago, CatalystNX said:

So... you want to just hope a franchise QB falls into our laps with the 8th pick?

I'm not absolutely convinced any of the runner-ups to Trevor Lawrence are going to be franchise quarterbacks.

It'd certainly be great to get a franchise quarterback, but I'm not fully sold on the idea that this will be the year that happens.

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6 minutes ago, Aquemini said:

I'm not giving up the farm for a QB then paying that QB top dollar when he's overrated, 1, and tore his ACL twice, 2

Well good thing you're not part of the decision making process for the team.

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55 minutes ago, BurnNChinn said:

That’s cool I hear ya, it’s understandable this is a big decision that could be good or bad for the next decade. I think we have to take a chance, man Tepper has to know how much revenue this would bring to the Carolinas

Cam didn't play for Clemson.

It would be bananas!

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1 minute ago, Kentucky Panther said:

Mark Ingram just signed with Houston. That would be an odd signing if they thought they were getting Christian 

We're not trading CMC.  Yesterday's restructure pretty much cemented that idea.

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Just now, joemac said:

Got any of those sweet, sweet updates for us, Verge?

I can quote myself from like three months ago. Deshaun Watson will not be a Texan and the Panthers are all in on Deshaun Watson. That's the update 😉

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1 hour ago, Captain Morgan said:

I wonder if Rhule's "didn't mean to say that" moment at his press conference is related to this.

It was a leak--why I have no idea. 

He is usually very careful with his words.  Remember last year at the combine when Cam was the issue--he was masterful

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