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Hornets interested in Myles Turner

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but we're not the only ones.


The Charlotte Hornets are currently riding a four-game winning streak and continue to look like a playoff team. Their most recent victory was close, and the team lacked paint defense for a majority of the game.

With the team’s need for defense in the paint, it has prompted the Hornets to look at other center options. On Tuesday, J. Michael of the Indianapolis Star reported that the Hornets and four other teams were interested in Myles Turner.



I know nothing about this guy...what's he worth in a trade, and would he solve our problems?

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When Boston still had Hayward - they were working on a sign and trade with the Pacers to acquire Turner.. he is on a 3 yr $18m, similar to Terry's contract.. Pacers wanted to move him because they thought he conflicts with Sabonis.. Boston got greedy and wanted Turner and Oladipo.. instead they lost Hayward to us.. 😁

Turner leads the league in blocks and is a good defender.. 6'11 center that is actually a good FT shooter and can knock down a 3pt shot if needed (shoots around .350 for his career)..

would be costly to acquire.. doubt we can make it happen without giving up too much

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Wouldn’t want to give up that much but there’s no doubt he’d be a big add to our biggest position of need. Would probably be at the very least Monk or Graham, 2021 first rounder, Zeller. Not sure I want to pay that price for him honestly and that would still probably require an add from us.

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I've wanted us to go after him for 2 or 3 years now, as he would be the perfect remedy for a lot of our woes...  but, problem is, the rumors about us being interested in him have been out there, much like Drummond, for the aforementioned last 2 to 3 years, and yet, here we are.   I'll believe it when I see it.

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Ball - Hayward - Rozier

Need a solid player in return (but don't want to trade):
Bridges - Monk - PJ

Zeller - Graham

Biz - Martin twins - McDaniels

Sweeten the Pot:
1st Rnd pick - Two 2nd Rnd picks- Carey - Richards

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11 hours ago, bLACKpANTHER said:

Zeller + Cody Martin + 1st Rnd pick = Turner

if they want more - hang up the phone..

So basically a 1st round pick for Turner.. 

that’s a terrible deal from Indiana’s perspective 

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