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TV show recommendations

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Hi Everyone, thanks for the replies. We have seen everything produced over 5 years ago that we want to see( yes including the wire and it was amazing).

Most recently we have watched and enjoyed.

Mare of East town, The Undoing, Behind her eyes, made for love, the fight attendant,  little fires everywhere, cruel summer.

Don’t currently have showtime or starz but have seen The Chi, billions and power. But would be willing to sign up for either if there’s something good we’re missing. 

We also watch Dateline, 20/20 weekly.

If we are missing anything alone those lines please let me know.


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  • Wellington Paranormal - CW. Three seasons of goofiness have been filmed by the makers behind WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS. Season 1 just started airing a week or so ago, catch up on previously aired episodes on the CW website. Taking place in the WWDitS universe, this show follows a New Zealand police department's various investigations into weird happenings around town. Think X-FILES meets AIRPLANE! and The Office.     
  • Speaking of.... What We Do in the Shadows season 3 starts up in September.
  • Season 37 of THE CHALLENGE begins early August on MTV. It's Survivor, but if it was played mostly with the same competitors every season. The rules and setup change from year to year, so the contestants never know what curveballs will be thrown at them. You may not care for the personalities of individual people on the show, but from a production viewpoint, it's turned into one of the best (if not THE best) produced reality competition shows out there. TJ Lavin deserves some recognition for what he brings to the table as host.
  • AMC's KEVIN CAN F* HIMSELF is a black comedy/drama that some may find a bit off on its style. Part cheesy 90's sitcom, part reminiscent of the Sopranos, the show follows the beaten-down wife (Annie Murphy, who played Alexis from the award-winning Schitt's Creek) and her goal of trying to kill her idiot sitcom husband. Early word on the street is that this could be another Emmy nominated turn for Murphy.
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Forgot to add:  

  • LOKI on Disney+. A look at a different area of the Avengers universe. Its a fun action series that supposedly helps to setup the next phase of the Marvel Universe (kinda like what Wandavision did too). 
  • SCHMIGADOON on AppleTV+. If you like Broadway musicals (and who doesn't?), imagine what it could be like if you were literally trapped in one. Think Groundhog Day mixed with some Rogers & Hammerstein production numbers.
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I would add The Expanse

I finally started watching it after these podcast guys for several other shows I watch kept recommending it.  I do not like Sci-fi at all...this is easily the best Sci-fi show that I have ever seen.  I love the attention to detail on different things that would actually happen with space exploration and how it would effect humans.  I am no expert but the technology and other things that happen seem very realistic for where we could be at in a couple centuries.  Much different than Star WarsStar Trek, and other such things with all the weird ass species and unrealistic crap.

The characters are really good too and there is a lot of political intrigue.  While it is not as good as pre-poo the bed Game of Thrones, there are a lot of similarities (and they have not poo the bed yet).  If you like Sci-fi, you will absolutely love it.  If you do not like Sci-fi (like me) you still may love it.  Give it a shot.

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DAVE season 2 was absolutely fantastic. If DAVE isn't on your watch radar, it should be.

THE WHITE LOTUS - horrible people treating hard-working hotel staff like poo. Plus, a murder mystery, maybe?  Mostly drama, a bit of comedy. Accidental nudity a possibility

MURDER IN THE BUILDING  - see other thread, comedy with steve martin, martin short, selena gomez  Been renewed for season 2

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