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Honestly curious: How many players on our roster can you name without looking?


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Hey all, I'm genuinely curious about something.  I'd love for others to take 10 minutes to try and write a list of everyone on the Panthers 90 man roster right now.  Wondering what the average number of players is that other Huddlers can name.

I'm not sure whether it's age / tiredness, post-Covid brain fog, or just all the turnover and youth of our roster with so few guys who've played for the Panthers for more than 1-2 seasons (probably some combo of all of the above).  But I'm really struggling with remembering the names of a lot of the players.

Today for fun, I tried to make a list and I could name 50 (and a couple of those I struggled with).  And the weird thing is that those 50 I could remember are not even necessarily the top 50 most likely to make the roster.  It includes all the drafted rookies (whose names are a bit fresher in my mind from recent weeks) and a few others perhaps unlikely to make the team. There are a bunch of guys who were on the team last year and likely to make the roster that I totally forgot.

Hoping that somehow I'll start feeling more connected to this roster.  So many guys I'm still just "who's that?" when I see his name (like today's practice report about an interception by JT Ibe.  I'm like "Who? Never heard that name".

Are others in the same boat?

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7 minutes ago, Mr. Scot said:

Probably a pretty high percentage, but I look at the roster a lot.

There are an awful lot of new guys though. Hard part for me is remembering what numbers go with what names.


Yikes.  I'd do even worse with numbers.  I guess I might be able to get 15-20 numbers correct AT BEST. (Players changing numbers and the NFL changing the rules about which position groups can have what numbers doesn't help either!! LOL).


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6 minutes ago, tecc86 said:

The starters and the relevant backups

Don't really care to remember players that won't see the field anymore

It's a valid perspective.  But I'm thinking that beyond the top 45 or so guys, there's still quite a number of open spots on the roster and real competition, especially on offense (at least 2-3 spots on the OL, a back up RB, maybe 2-3 WRs), and also maybe at safety and at least 1 spot on the D line, that makes knowing at least the top 60 - 65 guys worthwhile. I find it more fun following training camp if the guys are more than just names I barely know.  

I'm sure that I'll never be able to rattle off all 90 names any time soon.  If I get to 65 that I can remember and be a bit knowledgeable about, I'll feel I'm doing well.  Gone are the days when we were returning a very high percentage of our prior season's 53 man roster and there were fewer new guys to get to know. 

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Out of the 90 roster, 50+ I believe. But just like Scot, I look at the roster waaay too much, same for sportac and over-the-cap. I also keep up with the practice squad, way beyond what a normal fan should as well. 

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I got up to 37 before I started blanking. Weird. I think it’s cause I read a depth chart a few days ago. (I know there’s one or two starters we’ve had for a few years at least that I’m blanking on too.)

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2 minutes ago, kungfoodude said:

Almost none of the camp body signings. Probably a large percentage of the top 50-60.

I'll actually try this: 

QB: Darnold, Walker, Grier

RB: CMC, Chubba Hubbard, Bonnafon?

FB: Some UDFA kid?

TE: Tremble, Arnold, Thomas

WR: DJ, Robby, Shi Smith, David Moore?, the LSU kid who's name is on the tip of my tongue, a couple of JAGS from last season

OL: Irving, Elflein, Daley, Little, Moton, Paradis, Moore, Brown, Christensen, Miller, 

K/P/LS: Slye, fug I forget the punters name now, JJ Jansen, the 6th round kid from Bama

DE/EDGE: Burns, YGM, Haynes, Reddick, 

DT: Brown, Jones, Fox, Roy, Nixon, some other rookie DT I am forgetting 

LB: Miller, Shaq, Perryman, the UNC kid

S: Chinn, Burris, 

CB: Horn, Jackson, Bouye, Taylor, Pride



So, 42. A little less than I thought but about 5-6 I am just seeing faces and not remembering names.

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Just now, OldhamA said:

Yeah about 50, but it's been that way for a number of years.

I've never invested the time to learn the names of guys that only see the field sparingly.

Nor should you.

The Huddle obesses over way too many inconsequential players.

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