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Talk to me about the Saints. What do you know?


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9 minutes ago, Pantherxtreme said:

Will you be back after the game? 

I think you know the answer to that.

If we win, he'll slither back into the glory-hole he came out of.

If we lose, he'll be here for 3 days acting like he helped beat us.

He'll be all like "Ha ha!  GG, guys.   I told you so.   Told you we were better.  Enjoy the rest of your crappy season"

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1 hour ago, Donald LaFell said:

I honestly think Winston will be way better than people think. 

I think our defense will answer the call and hold up decently but I’m not sure if the offense can stand up to the test. We’re going to need 30 points to win. 

Sam will need to be more accurate in this case and every chance they are in the Redzone, they MUST cash-in.    FG's won't do it against this Aints team.

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13 hours ago, AsylumGuido said:

The Packers are head and shoulders above your lineup.  Our run game hasn't been slowed and Winston has grown from a season with his mentor, Drew Brees.  Don't count on forced throws.

I can’t stop laughing Packers defense is better than ours!

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15 hours ago, AsylumGuido said:

Four years as NFC South Champs.  I can see that continuing.  This team is extremely deep in talent.  As much as I love Drew Brees his injuries and aging limited the potential of the team.   The team is basically the same with more impact on offense with Winston.

Saints been in the league 54 years, 7 division titles, 10 playoff wins(13 loses/chokes), 1 SB(thanks to Katrina). Panthers in the league 26 years 6 division titles, 9 playoff wins, 1 SB(given to Peyton Manning to ride off into the sunset). Lol we’ve done what y’all have in half the time! Your not winning this argument bud.

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