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It’s getting weird (bad weird) in Jacksonville


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So it’s no secret that Urban Meyer has been linked to the USC gig ever since he left Ohio State for “health reasons”

The Jags have been low key a dumpster fire all training camp and even Trevor is not gonna save them from a top 5 pick.

Well…it’s being report that Urban does not want to do any press conferences with the Broncos media this week (which is actually a new rule where in the past it was required)

I really don’t think he is a NFL coach come week 4…

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On 9/14/2021 at 9:11 PM, Floppin said:

granted I have no idea how reliable of a source this is.


I'm pretty sure that's just a shitpost/joke. It's a meme on there about he always quits when things go even slightly south. 


There were news articles last Sunday claiming that he's been acting really erratic and seems in completely over his head though.

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your typical big name  college coaches can't hang in NFL because they can't coach grown man.....and are control freaks     only  a few are built for the nfl just like some college players are built for the nfl and some aren't even if they where god like players in college.

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Urban Meyer is once again trending for all the wrong reasons.

The Jaguars new head coach was apparently spotted at his Pint House in Short North, Ohio, where he was getting loose among a large crowd of patrons. Video shows Meyer sitting down next to the bar while a woman dances and grinds up against him. Of course, this type of behavior is expected at any establishment with loud music and alcohol, but many Twitter users were quick to point out that the lady in the video was not Shelley Meyer—the head coach’s wife of 35 years.

Though it is unclear when it took place, photos and videos of the outing began circulating on Saturday afternoon. The Rooster’s D.J. Byrnes was one of the first to share the footage on Twitter: “Hearing reports that @CoachUrbanMeyer is on his sixth G Breezy margarita at his Pint House 



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