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Sam Darnold : Will he make it to a 2nd season here?


Sam Darnold : Will he make it to a 2nd season here? (Poll)  

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  1. 1. Sam Darnold : Will he make it to a 2nd season here?

    • Yes, he will get one final chance with a (hopefully) upgraded O-Line
    • No. He's gone and good f'n riddance
    • Too Early to tell. Let's see how these next 11 games go

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  • Poll closed on 10/31/2021 at 09:00 PM

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2 minutes ago, glenwo2 said:

 I would've focused 1000% on the O-Line *FIRST* before even thinking of QB.


It’s going to take a rookie QB about 3 seasons (at least 2) to become a threat to win a super bowl.  Now we are in year 2 of the “rebuild” and there’s no recognizable plan for the most important position on the field. O-line and QB should have been addressed simultaneously last offseason.  If we draft a QB this year and are fortunate that they turn out to be any good it will be 2023, optimistically, until we really begin to compete again.  That’s assuming we can keep adjusting and tweaking the other positions.  

This is just a mess with no real end in sight. I’ve hated tepper since the beginning. I thought he was just a loudmouth blowhard who cared only about himself.  My impressions are turning out to be correct. 

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Another question is could Sam drive Rhule back to a college team? Saban ran from the NFL for not being able to get a QB and if things get super ugly it might look enticing taking the paycut. Tepper's going to get squirrely at some point and that won't be fun for Rhule.

The more I think about it, we could be heading into more than just another year of bad football.

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BTW, just another thought :

Sam needs to get his legs moving more.

What I mean by that is I am sick of seeing a gaping hole clear up right in front of him and he refuses to run through it.

The defense was giving him a free 10-15 yards before anyone could realistically touch him and he sat in the pocket and threw an incompletion.

That was mind-boggling to watch as most struggling QBs run at first sight.

Only later did he realize : “wait what are these things attached to my hips? I found out that if I put one in front of the other at a high speed I can actually move away from the bad men trying to hurt me”. 😱



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Darnold is likely done here already but what "done" means could get interesting. We picked up his 5th year option(a decision I am sure everyone in the organization is regretting now) which is fully guaranteed. 

So, trading or cutting him doesn't make a lot of sense. It is VERY possible, if not likely that he sticks around for that 5th year. I suspect it would be as a backup, because I cannot fathom Rhule wanting to put his future in Sam Darnold's hands again.

Which.....were he not getting paid almost $19 mil next year.....Sam Darnold would be a decent NFL backup QB. Honestly, he might actually eventually start to improve a little with a few years holding a clipboard.

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Honestly, right now I think Darnold will be our QB2 next season if things don't change. Not sure anyone can be a decent QB1 with this offensive line being this, well, offensive. He could actually make a case for staying as the QB1, but it will require him to pursue a true gunslinger QB persona like he did at the end of the fourth quarter last week against the Vikings. If Darnold can bring that guy out on a regular basis, he's got a shot at QB1 here or being traded to be one somewhere else.

If, however, he succumbs to the pressure behind a porous offensive line and receivers with dropsies and poor work ethics, no outlet and Ian Thomas as the featured TE, then it's going to be a rough ride to the bench. And he's been working with an OC that seems to be unable to really adjust for those deficiencies around him.

And honestly, as a QB2 he's probably not a bad choice, just a really expensive one for next year. As a QB2 he could come off the bench and win a game or two. 

Still, there's the other line of thinking that you have to build a QB, they don't come out of college completely ready all the time. Darnold had no development during his time with the Jets to speak of. Here, it is his first year in the system, his third different system in four years of play. A case can certainly be made that there should be a year over year improvement if he stays and we stick with him. It could be next year, it could be later this year. 

The problem is the dilemma Darnold creates for himself. He has stretches of competence, he has a few moments of brilliance (that 96-yard drive to push it to overtime), he has some stretches of questionable play, and a few moments of just jaw-dropping bad decision making. He has such a mixed bag of results that it's really hard to look down the road and see who he will become or if he's already hit that peak.

It's going to be tough for us to decide as fans. We don't hear the play calls, we don't have edge rushers bearing down on us, we aren't facing Pro-Bowl DBs. We should know by the end of the season, though. I hope.

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