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We are seeing the end of Cam's career

Hayden Panettiere

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14 hours ago, Chiefzack said:

My question is why is it nobody designs runs for this guy? Give me some triple option with Chubba, CMC, and Cam.

This offense is so uncreative 

Cam strengths right now are his legs. These runs up the middle are not going to get it. You need someone to be creative and limit his throwing bc he is not the Cam of old where he can chunk it down the field repeatedly. I just wonder what kind of practice are they running with Cam. No body wants Cam gone bc he is a very likable person but if your done as a starter it is what it is. I am hoping that Miami game was a fluke and he can bounce back.

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10 hours ago, 1ch1ban said:

he's supposed to learn to be humble from the patriots incident but i think he's just saying that when i see him constantly drawing attention to himself at every chance he gets.

these celebrations really make him look like an idiot. can he go one game without any type of excessive celebration?

i have his jersey and i like him at the QB position and was happy he got resigned. but one thing I can never stand is his celebration. God chill the fug out with that poo. 


you can celebrate all you want when you start winning. until then, don't fuging do it. it makes you and the whole organization and its fanbase look like an idiot when we end up losing by large decifit.

Cam is Cam and I like seeing the celebrations. Of course I rather it be when winning but maybe it is something he uses to try to spark himself maybe energize the team. It's when people like you want to take things out of context bc it makes you feel uncomfortable. Would you rather him sulk? He tried that, or be just stone faced and not give a F? I admit he played bad, but I'm hoping it's a fluke. It may be the end but let him enjoy it his way he chooses.

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36 minutes ago, HotelSoapy! said:

Saying that it might not be a good idea to give him a lot of design runs because he has lost a lot of athleticism isn't hating. 

I think it's a bad take. I don't see really any decline in his running ability. He scored how many rushing touchdowns with new England last year and already 2-3 here. He legs look as good as ever to me. If you want to say that injury sapped his arm thats fair. But legs seem fine.

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Looking at Cams career and the fact he doesn't want to QB2, I wouldn't be surprised if he retires after this year. NE was his best bet to comeback and be relevant again but the NFL spoke with no takers after he was let go.

He's back home and can retire as a Panther, we owe him for those great years, years that probably shorten his career. I hope I'm wrong but it may be time for Cam to protect himself and start raising his kids. It sounded like he enjoyed the downtime this season with his family and this team is too green for a vet like him.

Luke knew when it was time to go and I hope Cam will know too. It going to be a couple of years to sort out this team and build a above average O line.

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