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Is baker the worst QB we have had?

Panthers Fan 69

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1 minute ago, Pimpdaddy said:

...I was listening to my inner Browns fan but in retrospect, he had the 2 best backs in the NFL...OBJ, an above average oline and a good surrounding cast of WR's and couldn't get it done, thus, Watson. Also, except for Cam i went against my analytics... which is no Heisman and no qb for OSU....

It happens when you let emotions cloud your judgment.  Details and context are very important. 

I seemed to have let part of my professional life bleed into my football player analysis. I notice everything when I really focus on a player or situation. 

I also think it's become part a survival instinct to guage how much emotion I'm going to invest in the upcoming Panthers season. 

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On 11/20/2022 at 6:14 PM, Klepto2klub said:

Worst? No Most overrated? Yes

I see you're still slinking around pooing posts. This QB room is full of scrubs Darnold Mayfield Walker all of them. I can't imagine being as fragile as you are about acknowledging this. Guess you really love you some mediocrity. Have fun with that pal. Happy Thanksgiving!

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I mean its obviously pickles (as long as we're not counting people like tony pike) but I really dont think Baker is healthy.

The biggest criticism of him coming out was he didn't have the "natural" big arm. He had to really get in to everything to make those big throws. That's not necessarily a bad thing (brees) but when you get beat to poo like he was last year, where he hurt almost literally everything BUT his throwing arm, that's going to have some bad effects.

early in the year, before everything had fallen apart, he just didn't look healthy. Now it looks like he has the yips which is even worse. 

I just think we bought a broken QB. 

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