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Official UDFA thread


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3 hours ago, Jackie Lee said:

I watched some Cam Peoples highlights yesterday and didn't seem like anything special considering the type of power guy we could use. 

He's not a power back. He has good vision and just enough size to get some YAC. If he had a better speed/burst he would have been a draft pick. Hopefully he can put behind his injuries that slowed his development the last couple years. 

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This new era is refreshing to me. I remember when our undrafted signings were mostly the same guys for years. Either guys that didn't make the roster, made it at the end of a season but still qualified. The Carolina Panthers are truly building but we started far better than we were and we're ready to KEEP POUNDING! 

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Just watched plays from defensive lines of Oklahoma, Auburn and Oregon. I must say I was very impressed with Redmond's performance against Kansas State. He was constantly doubled and still came up with some great plays.

Unfortunately, I was less impressed with what I saw from Leota and DJ Johnson in their footage. It is a small sample size though. Plus they were primarily playing DE in 4-3 formation so they may be more effective as OLB in 3-4?

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Jensen probably makes this roster, especially with Corbett likely hitting PUP.  And I wouldn't be surprised to see Zavala taking over the LG position sooner rather than later because of his size and Christensen moving into swing tackle. Agent 89 mentioned something similar on his podcast as well:

He also mentions Wright and Milton as dawgs who could be taking spots from Taylor and STO in the secondary and Peoples battling Chubba for RB2.  Alot of the UDFAs could be taking positions from incumbents as the coaching staff makes their mark on the roster.

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