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Official Panthers Visits/Prospect Meetings Tracker

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1 hour ago, rayzor said:

The lack of centers on the list is not something i'm crazy about.  

maybe they still have their eye on a FA? of course then, with what money?


Agreed. Relying on a veteran guard whose been injured the last two years to change positions is not a good plan

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barely met with any 1st round projections. As players always fall, would hope we met with more fringe 1st round players. Worthy would be great. Lots of guys missing that would be on my wish list. Guess we may be trading back based on this

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On 4/3/2024 at 8:35 AM, Bear Hands said:

I was gonna make this disclaimer too.

Many of the guys teams meet with are for a reason. Not always the case teams are sold-these are job interviews at the end of the day.

Could mean they saw promise on tape but heard weird things about the guy.

So many possibilities and sometimes a guy that is on these lists could have quietly been scratched off our board entirely due to, well a bad interview or visit. 

I think there is a strong correlation but you draft 7 guys and you have 30 visits and as you said there’s a lot of reasons for a visit.

Look at last year’s visits: https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/lists/panthers-top-30-visits-tracker-2023-draft/

The whole theme was around our 1st and 2nd picks. Both Young and Mingo were visits so we had a 100% correlation but again there were a ton of prospects we didn’t take in the 1st/2nd that we had in for visits. Some were likely gone before we could take them and some we just made horrible mistakes on. Unfortunately, it was clear who we were taking and how incompetent Fitterer was.

This year’s visit list likely contains 1 or 2 of the guys we take at 33/39. It would be shocking if neither of those two picks came in for visits. I could see 33 be a surprise due to someone falling way too far but I’d guarantee that one of our visits is pick 33 or 39. The correlation is strong when there seem to be at least 2-3 picks every year from the visit list. This is a bit more of a wildcard year with no 1st because there are more and more options/visit guys picked by other teams. Maybe having 2 2nds close together makes it less of a wildcard because we seem to have a lot of day 2 (and 3) guys in our visit list with 3 picks between 33 and 65.

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