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Better know a Prospect - Tyler Lockett

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Over the next several weeks I will be profiling NFL draft prospects I feel would be a good fit for the Panthers.

Up first...

Tyler Lockett

School: Kansas State

Size: 5'11 - 175lbs

Position: WR/KR/PR

Round Projection: 3 - 5

Tyler Lockett is as close as it comes to being a no brainer for the Panthers if he is available in the mid rounds. Locket is a speedy slot receiver and an accomplished kick and punt returner. In 2014, he averaged 20.1 yards per kick return and 19.1 yards per punt return.

Has the speed to stretch the field over the top. Very quick feet.

If you saw him play against WVU last year, he absolutely put on a clinic. He posted 321 all purpose yards against the Mountaineers between returning and receiving. Flashes like that go a long way in showing your NFL ability.

Reminds me a bit of a kid I wanted the Panthers to draft out of Kentucky a few years back...

Click here to view the article

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Get this guy in here in an NFL training program and he is Randall Cobb reincarnated reimagined/recreated/re-whatever, just like you said. He's got an extremely quick first step and looks to see the field which is what we need in a player that we can get the ball to on short throws and know he's going to be able to make the first man miss most of the time.

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Yeah I loved this guy since the first time I really watched him against Oklahoma.



His ability to catch the ball at the highest point, in the middle of the field in traffic reminded me a lot of Smitty.


I think he'll have a great career in the pros. Could be a Desean Jackson/Steve Smith type guy.

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That stop n' go in the highlight video. WHAT A ROUTE!


That's the kind of thing that translates well in the NFL.

This could could certainly fit in well.

He fills KR/PR and would provide an insane compliment to Philly and KB.


It will be interesting to see his combine numbers, I would love to know just how fast the kid is.

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    • I’m not convinced our staff views the idea of a “franchise” left tackle in the same regard as the fan base, and to be honest a lot of organizations don’t. There have been several points in the last 2 drafts we could have drafted OTs in appropriate spots and decided not to.        
    • Yes, it was a great listen! Did you note Rhule's face at the beginning of the presser? Talking about someone that looked checked in--he looked like he was ready to jump out the chair, over the table and onto someone!😂 As for my general feelings about Rhule, I already know that he's a very smart guy. He's impressive! So the presser didn't make me feel any better about him as much as it just confirmed what I already suspected. He knows what he's looking for and is true to his process, which he has confidence in, but he's also flexible enough to be open-minded (which is also a natural part of his process).  I know that some Huddlers have been critical of Rhule from the start, comparing him to Chip Kelly and all, and even continue to criticize him now, but I would not bet against coach Rhule at this point. He'll get us to perennial elite status.
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