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Trent Cole makes a lot of sense.

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can he play with a hand in the dirt as a 4-3 end? 


if so, and if he'll come cheap, he might offer mcdermott and rivera some schematic flexibility. if he can outproduce the rotation we had at hardy's spot last season he'll be worth ~6 a year at the position.

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actually now that  I've made this thread Cole to Atlanta makes stupid amounts of sense.


He'll be the LEO in Dan Quinn's wide 9, he has a name, and he's older pass rusher which is basically all atlanta signs. 


They were all moist about Orakpo, so this is right up their alley, too. Neither frightens me in Atlanta.


CJ Spiller in Atlanta frightens me. In a dome. On that quick surface. In Kyle Shanahan's zone blocking scheme with 1 cut and go

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