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Panthers - Eagles Predictions

Jeremy Igo

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Prior to the start of the season, I had this game in the loss column, never expecting us with KB out to be able to keep up with what I expected to be a high-flying offense from Philly.  But we are averaging a remarkably high number of points per game, and the way our offense played in the 4th Q against Seattle.... WOW.

So, I'm predicting we'll carry forward the momentum from the Seattle win, and win this week too.

I'll Say Panthers 24, Eagles 17.

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I just discovered that at Pickwatch, you can see how various experts have done in predicting the results for specific teams.


Kudos & thanks for believing in us to:

Keyshawn Johnson & Mike Ditka of ESPN, and Michael Shottey of Fan Duel.

LOL.  Scroll to the bottom.  What does NFL Network have against us?!?!?

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I predict we will get our first shutout on this one.  There's no way the Eagles will be able to move the ball against this defense.  Our secondary is ten times better than it was our last meeting, and I believe Bradford will be dumb enough to throw Norman's way for two reasons.  One, he's not use to playing against him, and two, Chip Kelly has too much pride in that big head of his to only throw to certain areas of the field.

As for the Eagles defense, ain't nobody scared of them.  Our receivers might not be the best, but they can make plays.  Enough plays to open things up for Olsen.  If the Eagles want to cover Olsen up all game long, then they will be burnt by Ted Ginn's deep speed.  By the way, don't sleep on Funchess.  My biggest problem with him was his lack of involvement on the field, but now it seems his workload is increasing.  That's a sign of things to come. (Trial by fire as I always say)

Finally, we are simply the tougher team.  The Eagles are a very soft, finesse team.  This ain't the Seahawks, where our games with them always resemble the football play of old.  The kind of game where old vets will look and say, "Yeah, that's how the game is meant to be played".  The Eagles are like insects trying to push around dinosaurs.


Final score:

Panthers- 45

Eagles- 0

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Interesting game

this is the panthers moment to make a statement, actually the next two games are as well

Eagles have that short passing game  with YAC expectations that gives the Panthers defense fits  

Eagles defense is quick and improving

pamthers 23' eagles 20

as much as I'd like a blowout and a win by a big margin, that isn't the kind of game the Panthers call offensively or defensively

..and the biggest keys to this game is the running of Jonathan Stewart, the stopping of Murray up the middle and the DEs holding the edges.

oh yeah, special teams being special in a good way

will be there, I hope for no rain and the best on National TV

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