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Panthers - Eagles Predictions

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Now is the time to solidify all predictions for the upcoming Eagles - Panthers matchup. 

Here is what I am thinking. 

Both the Eagles and the Panthers defenses are somewhat underrated. 

The Eagles have a stout defensive line and inside linebackers. Their weakness on defense is their corners. Unfortunately, the Panthers do not have the talent at wideout to really take advantage here. Greg Olsen will once again need to step up and make plays. Everyone knows Olsen is the only reliable offensive weapon, yet he still gets open. How does that happen? 

The Panthers defense is just good all around. The Eagles do not currently have a starting caliber QB on their team, thus will need to run the ball and throw short slants and screens. This will set up the Panthers very well in their Buffalo Nickel package. With Shaq Thompson out, look for Colin Jones (the fastest player on defense) to fill in nicely. 

So I see this game as a low scoring affair. Neither team is equipped to do much scoring. 

The difference in the game? Cam Newton. 

Cam Newton in prime time is money. Look for him to take over the game at times, which will be the difference. 


Panthers 17

Eagles 13 


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I predict the following.




Lots of raging by the fans. 


Lots of shouting.


Lots of hostility for the iggles.



Lots of energy.



Lots of points.


Redemption road, we're on it. It's time to man the fug up. We're out for blood..


I see a blow out. 




Panthers: 41

Iggles: 13





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Is Newton really money during prime time? I feel like we've been embarrassed every-time except the Patriots. 

And Seattle had our number until last Sunday. The past is the past.

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This is probably the most dangerous game for us so far. The Eagles are hit and miss, luckily they just struck big last week. I think we'll catch them on the downswing and their offense will sputter against our defense.

I do see this as a rough night for Cam, though, as the Eagles can really get after a QB when they need to. Our O-line will tell the story of the night, though, as Stewart will have his breakout game and top 100 yards rushing.

Panthers 24

Eagles 10

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The Eagles lead the league in turnovers.  They are second in throwing interceptions and first in fumbling.  We are good at picking the ball off.  If we can avoid turning it over ourselves, we should be able to benefit.  My guess is that we get a couple of turnovers, and win a close one.  I do think we will be down at the half though.


I do think people under estimate our receivers a little bit.  During the fourth qtr against the Seahawks, our receivers managed to get open enough to get the job done. And they did against one of the best secondaries in the business.  They aren't game breakers, but as long as we are focused, we should be ok. 

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I'm looking at Oher/Remmers vs. Graham/Barwin. I think those two are the most athletic outside rushers they will play so far (not better than Bennet/Avril - but more athletic). Hopefully they can hold up, but Graham & Barwin looked really good the past two weeks....

Panthers 20

Eagles 17


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I expect to continue the trend from last week, pounding the ball with a heavy dose of JStew which sets up a Play action to Ginn Bomb early! Eagles will have under 50 yards rushing, Bradford 2 int's. Funchess catches his first NFL TD pass. 

Panthers 24

Eagles 7 

Points for GinnBomb...

Panthers rush for 14, GinnBomb for 7 and Cotch 7

Panthers 28

Eagles 10

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