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Cam Newton reported for theft


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3 minutes ago, Proudiddy said:

Were you already friends with her, Kuhn?  I would love to have a public discussion with her, lol.

Nah, bro. Go on to the Packers page and look at the pictures they posted before the game. Hers should be like the 4th or something. Her post is on there.

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This is the "politician" we are dealing with.  Make of it what you will

Dobs wants to be sure his message gets out.

"I probably won't win this race, because it's race related," he said.

Colvin said he thinks being able to relate to people in the district is more important than race. 


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4 minutes ago, Hoenheim said:

even the poster itself is just disrespectful , there's a green bay emblem on a green north carolina state outline saying "packers country" Shes basically already at that point spitting in the face of the panther fans, players, and organization she can not play the disrespect or unclassy card as she already lost that battle by dangling that sign like an idiot.

And even more disrespectful to ignore the organization trying to make up for it and try to press serious legal charges after that? Disgusting. Just go home and call it a day you were in the wrong from the get go.

She lucky we're not one of those crazy ass west coast NFL teams, raiders/49ers teams. Her ass would have been hit in the head

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