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What Redskins Fans Are Saying

Jeremy Igo

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Every team in the NFL is full of professionals and capable of playing at a high level...........well, maybe except for the Browns............

As a result the Panthers will need to focus on this game as much as they have any other.

Its easy to get in trouble during a game with a mistake or two.........but the trend I see developing over this year that Cam's reads on passing plays is improving, while his passing is cleaner and more precise on designed plays........and the receiving core is starting to step up too.

Our big offensive problem is setting up a screen that actually works............

The defense will come up big with a turnover or two on the Skins and as result.......

I see Panthers winning.........27-17

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Cam at this stage in his career is like Warren Moon. Except that Cam can actually run around like Randall Cunningham or Micheal Vick, with the elusiveness of a NFL upper echelon RB and the power of someone like Jerome Bettis. Redskins fans how in the holy hell do you think it's simple to just load the box up and double cover Greg Olsen? I'm sorry, but do they realise that we have two all world sprinters on our team who've been with this club since mini camp? Since the very beginning, and Cam has built something we football guys that know football called 'chemistry'? This is the very reason why signing a guy like Owens or Randy Moss in the mid season not only doesn't work, but why your team doesn't listen to such nonsense when you seemingly need help with receivers according to the media. If you load the box up we'll make you pay dearly.


For any defense it is tasking as hell to keep up with a somewhat up tempo offense the Panthers can showcase when Cam is hot under center and runs the no huddle, if you Redskins fans think you're just gonna come on into Bofa and shut down Cam Newton then ask the Philadelphia Eagles the same question. 


Are the Eagles a dumpster fire at the moment ? Yes, do they have one of the most talented ass front 7's in the NFL ? Hell yeah. Did the eagles try everything within their power to blitz, play base defense, cover Greg Olsen, spy Newton, "contain" him in the pocket. Yes, they tried to. Andddddd they couldn't.


This isn't the point though, the point is Carolina has too good of a defense for that turnover machine Kirk cousins to overcome. The saints defense has become a dumpster fire of epic proportions. They are historically bad, really bad. Redskins fans should NOT feel confident about that. Carolina match up very well with the redskins.

If Carolina is at home or not they take this 30- 10.

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You think redskins fans are bad? Just wait until we play the Cowboys next week. If they win down in Miami and we win against the skins, can you imagine the headlines going into Dallas? Nothing but a feel good nut hugging fest for the media to have Romo come back and run the table for Dallas to get into the playoffs. I wouldn't be surprised if the national "experts" pick Dallas to win against us. The poo storm is coming!

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5 hours ago, thefuzz said:

Well, to be fair, he has completed over 60% of his passes this season only twice.

I'm not bashing Cam, but he is 29th in completion % this season.  What he doesn't have in wide receivers and crazy accuracy, he makes up for with skills that no other QB can attain.

he is. his WRs also lead the league in drops. Them thinking he isn't a passing threat is lazy. 

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7 hours ago, SCP said:

It's pathetic that a 9-0 team will come home to a stadium that will be full of opposing fans. Same old, same old at BofA.

It's pathetic period. But record has nothing to do with it. These tickets get bought in July. There ain't no redskins fan dumb enough to buy tickets and plan a trip right now.

Edited by KendrickPanther
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21 minutes ago, King said:

Having nothing but close nail biters for wins makes us a riskier pick than a consistently dominant team like New England, the Giants game not withstanding.

Guess you forgot about the 7pt win over the Steeler....8pt win over the Bills...7pt win over the Colts...7pt win over the jets.

their point differential in wins is not really much different than ours.

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3 hours ago, CarolinaCoolin said:

If there was ever a game not to lose. It's this game. Maybe not for most of you guys but I live in DC. I live with all redskin fans. If we lose this game the last nine weeks will mean nothing to me. Nothing I hate more than skin fans. 

I agree with this. I know more redskin fans than anything and I've talked so much poo. We can't lose this game. 

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11 hours ago, Chaos said:

I guess it will never end, the opposing fans thinking that they have the formula to stopping Cam Newton and this rushing attack.  One doesn't simply throw more defenders in the box foolishly thinking that Cam can't throw the football.  The coaches know it, but the fans are clueless week in and week out.

Getting Norwell back will keep Cam clean in this one.

"Getting Norwell back"


If Silatulu starts, it's going to be another 5 sacks. It's important to have that OLine in tact.

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