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Marty Hurney is NOT the new Washington GM

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4 minutes ago, Mr. Scot said:


It's weird but if the original description is correct with marty as GM and Mayhew as high ranking but flipped.... Dual GM's basically along with Ron making joint decisions as a group. It's weird that's for sure. 

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NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports ex-Panthers GM Marty Hurney is joining the Washington Football Team's front office, but not as general manager. 

Per Rapoport, Hurney will "have a high-ranking role in the front office." The top role is going to ex-Lions GM Martin Mayhew. That's a lot of experience and brainpower in a front office that has been desperately low on both of late, though it could make for a confused command structure, something that has been staple under owner Daniel Snyder. Hurney and coach Ron Rivera's long history together could create a temptation to work independently of Mayhew. Rivera has seemed to know what he's doing as he's seized the reins in Washington, but every best-laid plan under Snyder has eventually come to ruin. 

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5 minutes ago, Mr. Scot said:

Well we already knew who was really running the show anyway.

Regardless of who has what title, the ultimate power belongs to Ron.

Yes, full roster control. He's basically got two damn GM's when he was already basically gm. Could work if structured correctly but could also be an epic disaster worthy of a documentary. 😂

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14 minutes ago, Scott12345 said:

If Marty does not have final say or is not calling all the shots he can offer pretty good value

What value does Hurney bring?

I'm serious - I've never been able to work out his skill set. It's not cap management, contract negotiations or talent evaluation. 

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