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Free Agent Targets

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2 hours ago, Pazhoosier89 said:

The only high paying player we will lose in free agency is Curtis Samuel so there is no reason to limit yourself to cut players only. It made sense last year when we had several high priced free agents sign. Not so much this when there are holes to fill and less players leaving. 

You’re very right about this. I’m still obviously traumatized with the events that took place last year.

Either way those are the only players I think we will be able to afford. Don’t think we’ll be in the market for high priced free agents. Maybe kick the tires on Shaquill Griffin (Fitts connection) and Jayon Brown.

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My humble point of view--and there are hundreds of ways to go here---

  • Get 2 good Guards.
  • Sign a top-end CB.

Congratulate yourselves for having a good free agency.

Here is the reason I say this:

We have 4 safeties with experience (if you do not count Chinn) They are Burris, Franklin, Hartsfield, and Robinson.  Yes, we could add one here, but I am not sure we should yet.  We need a #1 CB and let Pride and Jackson cover lesser WRs.  That is our biggest need in the secondary--a #1 CB.  Personally, I want Chinn at S, QB of the defense.  I draft an OLB;SS hybrid to free him up some.

Offensively, we signed Scott, feel that Daley can play LT--and I think we address OT later--but you do NOT want a rookie LT in that was drafted in round 2-3.  They get torched.  Secondly, you could move Moton to LT and play Scott/Daley at RT--then draft a LT later for depth.  If we had 2 veteran guards and maybe a C in free agency, we could have a strong OL.

If we grabbed a CB and 2 G's in the draft, then my board looks like this:

1. QB

2. WR 3

3. C

4. OLB

5. OT

6. CB, TE, DL

I think, if Moton can switch to LT effectively, we could have a good OL with 2 free agent Guards.  What about TE?  Well, good point.  A TE in my opinion is needed, but some "experts" seem to think that Brady does not use them much.  The TE we signed in the offseason from Seattle was a converted WR at....LSU.  Meanwhile, Rhule called free agent Manhertz one of the best TEs in football, and we signed Stevens, the hybrid QB/TE from New Orleans.   I think we have a plan in  place for TE..





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free agent targets 

(QB)well I like Ryan Fitzpatrick as a back up or bridge qb but only for back up money or less .. hopefully they bring in a vet to help the qb if we draft one 


(RB) there’s a handful rbs that we can get that can play spot downs or situational for the min 

(WR) samuels of course I’d like to resign but anything more then 12 mill (which that’s still kinda High) I’d pass on . Definitely need depth here even if we resign Samuels .. depth I would target would be players that can play both outside, slot and play some downs for special teams


(TE) Brady’s offense doesn’t warrant us too much cap or draft capital towards a TE ... Me I would trade future and later picks to get back in the mid 1st to get Kyle pitts ... I think the Tightend postion can create matchup problems... but I think untill Brady is gone this is one of the lowest priory’s just above FB 


(Oline) money money money!!! This is where I’d invest most our cap and or draft capital ... seems like there is a lot of talent in Free agency I hope we sign 1 or 2 starting worthy vets for the oline in free agency this important to help the next qb !!!


(dline) below market to min players I would be targeting in free agency  !!! We need depth !!


(linebackers) we need upgrades here not seeing us spending a lot of money in free agency but there is acouple linebackers I’d pay market value for 


(Corners and Safety's) I see a lot of value here for the panthers .. theres a lot of opportunities to scoop up a coupe solid 2ndary players in this free agency to market or below deals 






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Id post, but most would be unknown names without sex appeal. 

Posted Jacob Hollister about 10 times. Perfect fit that a huge need, AND CHEAP. 

Guess Ill post a few  

Cameron Sutton

Sidney Jones

Jarrad Davis

Ethan Pocic

Chidobe Awuzie

Mike Hilton

Forest Lamp

Dan Feeney

Chaz Green

Desmond King

Nick Vigil

Le'Raven Clark

Sam Tevi

Denzel Perryman


CBs, OL, and LBs with a focus on youth/price that staff know well.

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5 hours ago, not.Jeff.Reed said:

@MHS831 -- Your post is fire. Do you think Guard Austin Blythe of Rams fame would be a good pick-up?

I have not looked into the specific players yet--but I will.  From what I hear, he seems like a winner.

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Naturally you look for player connections.  Will Fitterer bang in the table for Shaq Griffen?  Maybe Dunbar?  Rhule has a past with intriguing FA pass rusher  Hasaan Redick, who on paper looks every bit of a 3-4 edge but could be an interesting LB option if they believe he has some “positional flexibility”.   I definitely see some CB and OL signings coming, and would enjoy a Norwell reunion. 

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