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General NFL Free Agency Thread

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2 hours ago, Mr. Scot said:

Free agency has slowed down a great deal, but is still going on...


The guys who want to get paid wave, followed by the guys who want/need to work wave.

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Not exactly free agency news, but word is that Dan Snyder has now bought out all the minority partners for the Washington Football Team, thus making him the sole owner.

This move reportedly helps settle some of the lawsuits that had been brought against the team and minimizes any possibility that Snyder will be forced to sell.

Now imagine the faces of WFT fans hearing this news...

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    • #SugarBooGate is really starting to heat up. I honestly feel like we need to hear from coach Brind'amour on this.
    • Good post MHS   Bloodly hell that OL...... Moton, Miller, Paradis are "decent/ok" but only ONE year of control. Left is a black-hole currently, need Daley and either Scott/Little/Erv to shock the world... My opinion, Elf is the 2022 C in waiting and may play either OG in the mean time. Something needs to be done at WR far as long term for either or both Moore/Anderson TE for me needs a average NFL starter, I do not know if Dan is up to that task. Im done with Thomas as anything more than 3rd option.    IF the panthers had the best DL in the NFL, ID STILL WANT MOOOORRRREEE. Need depth across the line for sure, I do no know what the plans are for CMiller, I was once real high on him. Need depth at LB. Orr or Clay Johnston(he needs to be put on the list) may be able to fill the depth. Mack is coming back too, I liked him as a 2020 UDFA  This may be the surprise form me- I like the current DB status, it depends heavily on Bouye and DJs' health/issues. Pride and STO are good young building blocks. Melvin is a vet and can play those first 2 games.  This best group and Id never would have believed this starting 2020- Safety. Big Sam Franklin fan, I think Krob could step up this year too. Hartsfield can play S/NB and looked petty good at seasons end. Burris is one of the most under-rated panthers, panthers struggled when he was out. Chandler is one of the Temple guys (Rhules trust). This is the only group where I do not feel need draft picks.     
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