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Breer talks about Gase (and Tannehill; oh, and Darnold)

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Also FYI, there's a lot of other good stuff in this article (including a discussion of what the Falcons might do at 4). I recommend reading the whole thing.

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So sad how Darnold was expected to be able to be inserted as QB1 and be able to perform because he was a top 5 pick and talented. Rookies and young players need to be coached! Darnold got none of that in New York.

As Stephen A. Smith put it, Darnold was contaminated with Adam Gase lol. 

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I said as much that to get anything remotely good out of Sam we’re gonna have to take all the pressure off of him. Which isn’t what I want in a franchise qb. But we traded a second rounder for him so might as well put the training wheels on and see if he gets more confident and comfortable before asking for more.

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32 minutes ago, Mr. Scot said:

In his latest mailbag (link)

From Danny (@BetTheOver85): How likely/unlikely is it that Sam Darnold becomes Ryan Tannehill 2.0 and rejuvenates his career?

Danny, I think Carolina’s got a shot to resurrect Darnold’s career. Getting a left tackle to bookend with Taylor Moton, and maybe that’s Sewell at No. 8, would help. But from there, he’s got Robbie Anderson and D.J. Moore to throw to, and Christian McCaffrey alongside him, and that should at least give offensive coordinator Joe Brady a foundation to build off of.

I believe your comp is pretty apt, too. One thing Tannehill needed coming out of Miami was a coach who’d get him playing fast again, and Arthur Smith was that guy—lifting the mental load off the 2012 first-round pick (giving, for example, line calls to the center) in an effort to just let him play. To me, Darnold needs the exact same sort of thing going to Charlotte, and I think Brady’s astute enough to know it and give it to him.

The truth is that Darnold too often over the last couple of years was asked to operate like Peyton Manning once did in Adam Gase’s offense. And that was as a quarterback who arrived in the pros as a raw prospect in need of development, which, to me, explains how his wiring got fouled up. As such, to get him right, I think Brady would do well to let him go out and be more of a bus driver type and build from there.

In this case, I really believe asking less of a player—and that should be even easier to do if McCaffrey’s back at 100% in the fall—will mean getting more out of him.


This makes a lot of sense.

The one quarterback that Gase had any real success with was Peyton Manning, but Manning didn't really need a coach at that point in his career. For all intents and purposes, he was a coach.

So if what Gase did with Tannehill and Darnold was basically ask them to operate the same way Manning did, it explains a lot.

Heck, a lot of veteran quarterbacks couldn't even do that.

If you listen to Pat McAfee, Manning was the de facto GM too. 

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The Darnold/Tannehill comparison is the laziest take currently going, a simple google search would show you Tannehill worst season with Gase is better than Darnold best season. You can’t even use the supporting cast excuse, Tannehill supporting cast was just as bad if not worse. Let’s not forget Darnold was also terrible his rookie season with Bowles as his coach, meanwhile Tannehill at least put up decent numbers with the previous coach.



Tannehill being Darnold benchmark is laughable to begin with, I don’t want Tannehill as my franchise QB. Everyone in the world has seen over the last 2 playoffs or when ever the Titans struggle it’s cause the opposing team slows down Henry forcing the Tannehill to win the game. I want a QB that doesn’t need a perfect situation to win. 

But that’s was settling for castoff QBs get you

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2 minutes ago, GoobyPls said:

I want a QB that doesn’t need a perfect situation to win. 

Oh sure, those are easy to find. Hell, most successful teams just get the best quarterback they can find and don't bother putting jack sh-t around them.

I mean if they need stuff like receivers, offensive linemrn and a run game to be good, are they really worth it?

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25 minutes ago, Mr. Scot said:

The more I read, the more I think the best approach with Darnold might be to basically treat him like a rookie and coach him up the way you would if this was his first year in the NFL.

This is precisely it. He’s 23 years old, so it wouldn’t hurt to baby him for a half a year and not put too much on his shoulders. 

with that said, his price tag is going to get awfully steep in a short period of time. We’re going to need to know at years end whether he is worth staking the future of the franchise on. 

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