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Man Sacrifices Brownies to Save Wife From Rabid Bobcat

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17 minutes ago, Davidson Deac II said:

If that is the same one I read about this morning, the Bobcat was Rabid.  Could mean a lot of shots for those that were attacked.  


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My mom is licensed for wildlife rehabilitation in Asheville and years back she had a bobcat for a few months. The cat was found as a baby and before she released it, it got ‘somewhat’ comfortable with her but that thing was scary as hell. They aren’t that big in stature but they are insanely strong and pretty fearless and this thing was wild. 

You always knew it could rip your face off if it wanted to and mom was the only person it would really let near her. Crazy.

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1 hour ago, LinvilleGorge said:

And here I thought the video was going to show a man throwing young Girl Scouts to the mercy of a rabid wildcat allowing his wife to escape unscathed.

I should change the title to sacrifices "baked goods".

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