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Panthers pick up Sam Darnolds 5th

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9 minutes ago, Move the Panthers to Raleigh said:

More like ONE quarter century of incompetence.

We have a new coach and GM. If this were Marty I could see it but we were clamoring for a new gm for the longest time we’ve finally got one from a successful organization now some are calling it a bust after ONE round??? I’m at least willing to see how most of the draft plays out before I automatically write Fitt off but if you wanna only look at the negatives it’s your prerogative.

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56 minutes ago, cookinbrak said:

Because Steve Young won all those Super Bowls with Tampa.

Young also sat behind the a HoF QB (arguably the GOAT pre-Brady) for how many years in SF?  And didn't get a look until Montana got hurt?  Oh, and had perhaps the one of the GOAT offensive minds there to boot?

Young was 31 years old when he became STEVE YOUNG.  Not exactly comparable.

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1 hour ago, cookinbrak said:

I woulda took what Chicago gave up.

Not if we only had first round grades on 16 guys.

It would have taken their first, second and third round pick this year to get to #8.

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37 minutes ago, firefox1234 said:

Like how drafting Clausen led to getting Cam.

I'm hoping more of like picking up Jake Delhomme off of the discards heap and going to the Super Bowl the first year.


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1 hour ago, BurnNChinn said:

You know if Sewell was there we would have took him right? Don’t think they was high on Slater honestly 

We will never know.

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