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6 minutes ago, NanuqoftheNorth said:

Hmm, my understanding is that Rodgers has the same agent Palmer used.   

Carsons’ situation was more that the bengals organization kept lying to him, said they would address some of his concerns, and they never did.

The death of Chris Henry sealed it, he was devastated by that tragedy.  Life is short, when money isn’t the reason, why stick to an organization that doesn’t value you? 

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Apropos of nothing except that it came to mind, a bunch of Kyle Shanahan's players texted him this past Sunday to let him know that they were still alive 😄

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3 hours ago, kratos997 said:

As good as Rodgers is, I wouldn't want him on this team.



lol you'd want Darnold over a HOF QB that would instantly get us to a Championship game with this ROSTER? Some of you all are delusional af.

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4 minutes ago, Ivan The Awesome said:



lol you'd want Darnold over a HOF QB that would instantly get us to a Championship game with this ROSTER? Some of you all are delusional af.

If by some crazy scenario we did sign AR ... trust me, this board would do a 180 in seconds.

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Posted (edited)

This is all a show Aaron Rodgers plans on retiring and he loves Green Bay so much that he wants them to get something for him before he retires this is all about Green Bay trading Aaron Rodgers before he retires

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4 hours ago, Mr. Scot said:

They've absolutely done some dumb sh-t, with the Jordan Love pick probably being the worst move in recent memory.

That said, it's one thing to complain. Covertly doing things to sabotage your team is a dick move.

I just see it as him being honest with fellow pros.

"Look, before you commit to this team, just know that you're probably playing with a 2nd year QB rather than the reigning MVP".

Players respect that. The Green Bay FO are to blame for this situation.

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    • It is tough to imagine another team even offering a fourth round pick for Crosby, thus making it quite difficult for Detroit to part ways with him.   Offensive linemen are key to the success of any offense, and losing Crosby may not be good for Detroit's offense should things not go as planned with players higher up on the depth chart.   If Detroit simply allows him to play out his contract, a team may offer up starter money when Crosby becomes a free agent, earning Detroit a coveted compensatory pick.    
    • Blast from the past. We talked about Crosby in the 2018 draft in here. I was hoping we take him where we took Haynes but Marty didn’t think we needed Ts, well until the next year when he reached got Little. Haynes flashed a little bit he never had a shot to start. It’s too bad we didn’t set a condition on those two Marty led drafts to make sure we were only taking guys who had a legit shot as being full time starters and didn’t have big red Xs on them based on the combine, Senior Bowl or pro-days. Might have avoided Grier, Little, Gaulden, Grier, Scarlett, Miller and Haynes and instead got guys like Crosby, McCoy, Omenihu and others. They were all sitting there but we kept taking the red headed step children.
    • more "c*ck" and less "doodle-doo", I suppose.
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