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Dolphins Releasing Starting S and Team Captain Bobby McClain

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Posted (edited)
3 hours ago, davos said:
4 hours ago, BurnNChinn said:

Do people not like Burris. I thought he looked pretty good till he got hurt?

I actually think he's a great part of the team. But when Chinn is inside the box, we need someone back with Burris.  That could be a McCain.  Unsure who really fits that bill currently on the team.  Hartsfield? Franklin?

Burris isn't a bad option is some packages- but he doesn't offer the speed to play single-high (deep centerfield). No one really does as far as our Safeties go (except maybe Chinn...possibly Hartsfield). Not saying Boston was a burner either, but we played a lot of Split looks last year. If we want the option to play single high (with press man), then it would be better to have a true FS with good range.

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I will say it again, this guy is not good as a FS, very mediocre at best. As much as I despised Tre Boston, he is better than McCain.

McCain was originally a nickle CB, where he is better, but still league average at best. 


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I really doubt we sign anyone else. I Think If we start using Packages that call for the single-high look we will fill it with Chinn and use other players to fill the box or play Nickel. Versatility is why we have a lot of the pieces we do so I'm assuming we have someone who can handle being FS. If Chinn is used this way, then Franklin might get more reps as that hybrid LB/S big nickel defender that plays close to the line.  

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5 hours ago, Smittymoose said:

Carolina really doesn't have much to spend. With 11 rookies, it will take close to $12M to sign the class. They will keep $3-4M at least open during the season for emergencies. Panthers have maybe $3M to play with to sign veterans without restructures or cuts. 

most of the guys will make less than 1m.  They just replace someone else at the bottom of the roster making about the same.  Remember only the top 51 count against the cap.  Net cost is probably around 2m max.

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3 hours ago, Mr. Scot said:

Official per Aaron Wilson...

Also, for older folks like me, Blount is the son of former Steelers standout Mel Blount.

Wow, Blount still has kids young enough to be signed to play pro football?

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Also, has it occurred to anyone else, as it did to me upon looking at the depth chart following the draft that they actually plan on shifting Chinn to be the primary FS now being that we signed Denzel Perryman, have Shaq, and Carter came on strong late last year to round out the LB corps.  I don't think they're looking at FS as big of a priority as we are.

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