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Guess who's back?

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Posted (edited)
11 minutes ago, PNW_PantherMan said:

If anything he's good for the league because people either love him or hate him.  People tune in for polarizing figures good or bad.

That said, I'd be surprised if he made the team.  You're really gonna use one of the 53 roster spots to have him as a TE?

And ESPN will get 4 months of stories, a reality web series and probably a 30 for 30 to milk out of it. Definitely an ESPY!

So glad sports media has fractured and diversified to the point they are almost irrelevant. 

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4 hours ago, PhillyB said:

jfc most of the league is devoutly religious, they just don't plaster it on their faces with eye paint or kneel whenever a camera is around 🙄

Here we go again. What part of "its a joke" dont you get. I think Tebows a phony, but the fact that you are so rustled by it is hilarious. motivating tim tebow GIF by Home Free

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1 hour ago, Stumpy said:

All those guys were at their peak athletic potential, not washed up 30 somethings. And do we really need to compare the athleticism required for basketball vs baseball? 

And Whitehead might've been signed for mentorship, but at least he had played the position before. Not only that, the defense looked like they had bought in to the culture a whole lot more once the crony lost his job.

He won two National Championships playing as a QB in a Spread Option offence. He's plenty athletic. 

The defence got better the more they got accustomed to a new system. Shocking that (!)

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Brought in as a locker room guy. They're trying to change the culture and that's mainly why they brought big Tim. Production wise, I am sure he will touch the field as they didn't have much depth at TE.

Side note: he's already a better TE than Ian Thomas lol

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45 minutes ago, SizzleBuzz said:



Yeah, never understood the hate for The Golden Calf of Bristol. Seems like a genuinely good dude who stands up for what he believes in.



Makes for a great story and I wish him well.  

The problem with The Golden Calf of Bristol was more so Skip Bayless/ESPN than The Golden Calf of Bristol himself. 

The Golden Calf of Bristol could of bounced around the league as a backup QB.  ESPN/Skip prevented The Golden Calf of Bristol from just being a bad QB that racked up big money from the sidelines. 

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