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Charlotte Panthers' Best-Value Contract


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Uh, yea, Chinn represents draft value, not actual contract value lol dumb

Hurney wouldn’t know value if it nailed him in the ballsack so we have limited options, not sure I even know who to give that to outside rookie deals.

Have to consider time too. Giving one hit wonder, ‘it finally clicks in my contract year1!’ guys long ass contracts are bad value. Hello again Hurney.

Also hindsight, the only performance measuring value we have is past year’s play.

So in my humble opinion, I’ll go with Reddick. Only 1 year, 6 million (8 with incentives) came in with 12.5 sacks. Sure there are some question marks but I don’t think anyone would turn this down.




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actually guys the best contract value for 2021 will be our best player pick in 2022 or maybe even 2023 that will help to win games and make several pro bowls on his rookie season, I mean we are paying him zero dollars this year and maybe next, can’t beat that

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Despite it being the franchise tag, $13.75M for Taylor Moton is great value. He could easily be making the same if not more than Lane Johnson (~$17.85M).

AJ Abouye and Denzel Perryman's contracts are INSANE value. $2.2M this season for AJ and $4.7M next? Ok. $1.99M this season for Denzel Perryman and $4M for next year? Yes pls. Both of them have low cost outs? DONGERS UP 🍆

Reddick, Arnold, and DaQuan's are honourable mentions. If Elflein shows out and can be the center of the future, him as well

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