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Official Sunday NFL games thread


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4 minutes ago, Peon Awesome said:

It's amazing to see how much happier McVay looks with Stafford as his qb over Goff. They guy looks like a kid on Christmas morning.

Watch him chase after Stafford after the 2nd TD in the first half. He looks like the dorky kid who gets to hang out with the HS QB. 

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2 minutes ago, Mr. Scot said:

Three winning seasons out of fifteen isn't "not the best". It's sh-t.

Now as to the owner, I'll agree we're improved there as long as he remains hands off and lets his football people do their jobs.

Yes and all but one of those was under Jerry who refused to pay staff, let every single coordinator walk, and underpaid for replacements. 

We had a poo owner, if you choose to blame his lieutenants fine.

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1 minute ago, User Name said:

Yes and all but one of those was under Jerry who refused to pay staff, let every single coordinator walk, and underpaid for replacements. 

We had a poo owner, if you choose to blame his lieutenants fine.

The poo owner is the one that hired the poo GM...twice.

I can tell you from someone who used to work there that Richardson valued loyalty over competence. Marty was part of that.

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