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Ikem Ekwonu, NC State


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On 1/11/2022 at 1:20 PM, MechaZain said:

It's Neal > Cross > Ekwonu for me but the pick has to be one of them.  I like them all but Cross's potential is the most exciting.

This is me form weeks ago. I still think its dumb to think the panthers stay at 6th, so I refuse to believe. 

If pickett shows he can throw a NFL ball, its sounding like he will be the 1st QB taken. 


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8 minutes ago, MHS831 said:

Ekwonu can play LT or he could move inside to G.  Better than Travelle Wharton, but with the same position flexibility--and it is important if BC can play LT.  Imagine Ekwonu and Moton on the right side---I think we could get a yard on 4th and 1.

This pick would give BC a safety net if he does not work out at LT.  Furthermore, we'd upgrade 2 positions if BC can play LT, but we would not have neglected LT yet again if we have to move BC to LG. 

I hope this is making sense.  We know we have Moton at RT and we know that BC is penciled in as a starter somewhere.  Ekwonu gives us a margin of error if BC fails.  If you draft Cross, BC goes inside that's that.  If you draft Neal, again, you have to move BC inside, and he was not that great (when I watched) as a G.

Linderbaum is an option as well if they think BC can play LT---but there is no margin for error. 

This was rambling but I just see more scenarios / options if we draft Ekwonu and dedicate to the run game like so many successful teams are doing lately (Tennessee, SF, Indy, etc)

This guy gets it.  Drafting Ekwonu dramatically gives us options and upgrades on the left side of our line.  And for cheap.  Lets not be cute and try and trade out but take what the top of the draft gives us.   I would take a version of BC and IE on the left side of the line and let them work things out

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Combine (if it happens) should show how to finish the ranking of the 3. If Ekwonu has longer arms and benches more than Neal&Cross.....along with other explosive ones like the ALL important 3 cone. I would change my ranks. I think he will do better than Cross on a few, but not Neal...

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